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South Ossetia is a self-governing region of Georgiaball. He is wants to be with Russiaball and North Ossetia-Alaniaball.

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Candy corn


Georgia-icon Georgia (country) საქართველო Georgia-icon
Regions Georgia-icon (division) AbkhaziaballAdjara-icon AdjaraballGeorgia-icon (division) GuriaballGeorgia-icon (division) ImeretiballGeorgia-icon (division) KakhetiballGeorgia-icon (division) Kvemo KartliballGeorgia-icon (division) Mtskheta-MtianetiballGeorgia-icon (division) Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo SvanetiballGeorgia-icon (division) Samegrelo-Zemo SvanetiballGeorgia-icon (division) Samtskhe-JavakhetiballGeorgia-icon (division) Shida Kartliball (South Ossetia-icon South Ossetiaball) • Tbilisi-icon Tbilisiball
Abkhazia-icon Abkhazian districts Abkhazia-icon (division) GagraballAbkhazia-icon (division) GudautaballAbkhazia-icon (division) Sukhumiball (Sukhumi-icon Sukhumiball) • Abkhazia-icon (division) GulripshiballAbkhazia-icon (division) OchamchiraballAbkhazia-icon (division) TkvarcheliballAbkhazia-icon (division) Galiball
South Ossetia-icon South Ossetian
South Ossetia-icon (division) DzauballAkhalgori-icon AkhalgoriballSouth Ossetia-icon (division) Tskhinvalball (South Ossetia-icon (division) Tskhinvaliball)South Ossetia-icon (division) Znaurball
Former entities 2-icon Caucasian NativesColchis-icon ColchisballMongol Empire-icon Mongol EmpireballOttoman-icon OttomanballGeorgia2004-icon Democratic Republic of GeorgiaballTranscaucasia-icon TranscaucasiaballGeorgian SSR-icon Georgian SSRball

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