South Ossetia is a self-governing region of Georgia-icon Georgiaball. He is wants to be with Russia-icon Russiaball and North Ossetia–Alania-icon North Ossetia-Alaniaball.



  • North Ossetia–Alania-icon North Ossetiaball - fake ossetia I miss you, bro.. but one day we'll be together again, I swear.
  • Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok-icon Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok - Estranged brother. He move in with Hungary-icon Hungaryball a long time ago.
  • 2-icon Alansball - Parents. They was the first in the family to settle in our home.
  • 2-icon Sarmatiansball - Grandparents. Was much scary warrior for everyone they meets. Grandmother in particular so tough she inspire Ancient Greece-icon weak civilized peoples to create story of Amazon warriors.
  • Scythia-icon Scythiansball - Great-grandparents. Just as scary as their children. (Ossetia family STRONK) They teach my grandparent how to art of horse ride and bow fightings. They learn from their parents Cimmerianball (maybe, is unsure of that).

Countries Recognizing South Ossetia

Countries Voting Against the UN Resolution





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