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오 필승 코리아! Oh hurray Korea!

We declare today that Korea is an independent country and Koreans are freedom.

주문. 피청구인 대통령 박근혜를 파면한다.

DEMEND. a claimer expulsion president Park Geun-Hye.

South Koreaball is a sovereign countryball in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. She likes to call herself just Koreaball or ROKball despite North Koreaball sayings he is the true Korea. It shared clay borders with North Koreaball, her sworn enemy brother to the north. South Koreaball loves called K-Pop, her pop music. She is also known as one of the richest countryballs in Asia. In 1994, South Korea into Developed Country. So into OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). South Korea is one of the members of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon EUball.

Other balls think South Korea is dangerous, but her brother only talking, talking and talking bad words. South Korea's safety is 1st in the world, and Internet speed is 1st, too. South Koreaball enjoys modern and decent lifestyle, and lives with Jejuball, who is considered to be the most clean and natural island in the world.

The recent rise of Hallyu (K-Pop, Korean dramas, Korean culture) has made South Koreaball an extremely popular countryball, and earning tons of money from exporting its culture. K-Pop and K-Drama is also very famous, and is considered to rival even those of USA-icon USAball's pop industry.

In Polandball, South Koreaball's speech sometimes has "R"s and "L"s swapped to make fun at how all Asians supposedly speak. Although in reality Koreans and China-iconChinese can pronounce these words just fine as they have both "R"s and "L"s in their languages, unlike the Japan-iconJapanese, which does have this issue of mixing up the two letters. But because the mighty all-knowing USA-iconUSAball's think all Asians are the same, so South Koreaball's speech sometimes has "R"s and "L"s swapped as well although its a solely Japanese issue.

South Koreaball hates Communism-icon communism for North Korea-icon obvious reasons, but also being ganged up by three communist countries during the Korean War. So much that she has banned communist parties throughout the country and has made a military song called "The Torch of the Annihilation of Communism (멸공의 횃불)". This makes USA-icon USAball very proud of her.

History: Edit

Koreaball's history started at around 80,000 BC, and in BC 2333, made the first kingdom, called Gojoseon-icon Gojoseon. Later on, it divided into four countries, called Goguryeo-icon Goguryeo, Silla-icon Silla, Baekje-icon Baekje, and Gaya-icon Gaya. Gaya-icon Gaya, which was inbetween Silla and Baekje, later fell, and the three kingdoms constantly fought each other.

Silla-icon Silla eventually conquered the rest, and made Unified Silla. However, this did not last long and Unified Silla turned into Goryeo.

Goryeo-icon Goryeo was very indulged in Buddhism, and made many temples. This was the age when many Buddhist temples and infrastructures were made. However, unfortunately, Genghis Khan invaded Goryeo and destroyed most of the flourishing culture. Much of the temple still remains destroyed or gone after the Mongolians burnt them down.

Goryeo-icon Goryeo was on the verge of becoming completely Mongol Empire-iconMongolian Empire, until Joseon-icon Joseon was made. Just before Joseon-icon Joseon was made, the Mongolian Empire fell and disappeared.

Joseon-icon Joseon had the most flourishing dynasty of all, and it built massive lavish buildings and treasures. Joseon also liked the current Chinese dynasty 1-icon Ming Dynasty, and sent many treasures and missionaries to China. In 1592, a huge Japanese invasion landed on Korea (임진왜란). When things were gone and there was no hope, an Admiral called Lee Sun Shin (이순신) pushed the huge 330 Japanese ships back to Japan with only 12 ships of his own. Lee Sun Shin is still considered as a national hero even today in South Koreaball.

Later, Joseon-icon Joseon was invaded by China Qing-icon Qing, because Joseon-icon Joseon refused to help Qing-icon Qing Dynasty, but instead helped the dying 1-icon Ming Dynasty. Joseon-iconJoseon managed to push them back again, and had some peaceful ages.

Unfortunately, in 1910, Imperial Japan invaded Korea with new weapons and completely obliterated Korea. They colonized Koreaball for 35 years (1910~1945) and raped and tortured and massacred many Koreans. They even used them for human experiments and for cannon fodder and forced labour.

Some Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese still deny this history, and that is why South Korean-Japanese relationships are not very good.

South Koreaball was born in 1945, along with her brother North Koreaball, as their mother Koreaball was dying from Japanball's rape. South Koreaball was became good friends with USA-icon USAball, and was taught capitalism, in contrast to Soviet-iconSoviet ball being friends with her brother and teaching him communism. Korean Empireball could not stand her rape from Japanball, and could also not be alive anymore. Because of this, she died peacefully.
ROK Armyball 6.25

South Koreaball and North Koreaball face each other during the Korean War.

In 1950, her brother invaded her clay, but USA-icon USAball and his NATO-icon NATOball friends helped her, until Chinaball came onto North Korea-icon North Koreaball's side. An armistice was signed in 1953, but the border between their homes is still heavily armed.

In 1988, North Korea-icon North Koreaball boycott its Olympic Games in Seoul. They marched under a united Korean flag in 2000 though, giving it hope that her brother might be cured and his life turned around.

Together with enemy Japan-icon Japanball, South Koreaball had the 2002 World Cup. In 2015, South Korea had 2015 Gwangju Universiade and planning to have the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang-icon Pyeongchang

and December 9 2016, The 18th president impeachment was be passed. and March 10,2017 was most Koreans are happy that the corrupt leader has been impeached.

South Koreaball now spends her days doing K-Pop, and (sometimes) cosmetic surgery. She also does stuff on her phone alot. Samsung, LG, Daewoo, Hyundai, KIA, Ssangyong, and Doosan is one of the main companies famous in the world, and Samsung especially is currently covering the electronical market. South Koreaball made miraculous development in the 20th century, and still continues to make rapid growth (about 3.4% a year). It is predicted that South Koreaball may become richer and more powerful than Japan-icon Japanball in about 5~8 years. South Koreaball also ranks as the most innovative country (by Bloomberg), and is currently sharing the crown with Japan-icon Japanball as one of the most advanced countryball in Asia and the world.


History of South Koreaball's military.

How to draw:Edit

1. Draw a circle.

2. Draw a circle center Taiji. (Tai line right high left low) The top is red, the bottom is blue like the pepsi thing.

3. Draw these black trigramms (clockwise, from up-left): ☰, ☵, ☲, and ☷(Three, Five, Four, Six)

Family(가족): Edit

  • Joseon-icon Joseonball - Second great-grandfather. He made Hangul (Korean letter) which is most Scientific. Rocket launcher, too. And hate's my brother's son.

State(지역): Edit

  • Seoul-icon Seoulball - Son and Capital city. He is globally known.
  • Incheon-icon Incheonball - Second Son and have 2nd best national airport, Incheon Airport.
  • Busan-icon Busanball - Daughter, she has nice beach and Department store.
  • Daejeon-icon Daejeonball - Third son and Sejong city!
  • Ulsan-icon Ulsanball - 2nd Daughter and nice beach, too. Next to Busanball
  • Daegu-icon Daeguball- 3rd Daughter and really, really hottest in South Korea-icon my mom.
  • Gwangjuball - Asia's Democracy Sanctuary. Pray for 5.18 democracy movement.
  • Dokdo-icon Dokdoball- Clean, Rich area. Is of not Japan.
  • ROK Armed Forcesball - South Koreaball's military, ROK Armed Forcesball protects her from evil worst Korea menace (AKA my evil brother)

Relationships: Edit


  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - Both hate communism, and a good vacation spot for South Korea. Only thing bad are the illegals. He helped us in the Battle of Yultong against communist Chinese.
  • Czech-icon Czechiaball - Former communist,now builds cars for me.
  • Murica-icon USAball - My handsome boyfriend. Taught me capitalism. USA basically keeps North Korea from having anger and annexation. Helped me in the Korean war.
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Good friend. And is enemies with my brother.
  • UK-icon UKball - He is of good friend and father of my boyfriend. Much thanks for big participation in Korean War.
  • Singapore-icon Tringapore - Fellow dragon from the south. Also a former British colony who fought in the Korean War
  • Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball - Fellow dragon from the west. Also a former British colony who kicked some commie aftermath.
  • Macau-icon Macauball - Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball's half-brother.
  • Okinawa-icon Okinawaball - Nephew. Likes Japan doe. But still.
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - is a good friend which helped me during the War against my Brother hate him a bit for being anoying and raping some of my people, and stop spreading Turan Propaganda and dont be like my Brother.
  • South Africa-icon South Africaball - We both have "South" in our names. And they helped South Korea during the Korean War.
  • France-icon Franceball - Formerly in bad relationships because of dog meat a few years ago. Today, France is good because of K-Pop.
  • Vietnam-icon Vietnamball - ROK army killed more Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam War. However, Vietnamball forgave South Korea, and wants to study for South Korea's steps of miraculous economical growth. Thank you!
    • South Vietnam-icon South Vietnamball - Is of deceased capitalist friend during Cold War era and Vietnam War. We both had of same government system and of ideology. Much shame how he is of killed and absorbed by his Vietnam-icon northern brother to become communist Vietnam-icon Vietnamball. Yet this event taught me to not happen again with my evil North Korea-icon Hyeongje.
  • India-icon Indiaball - Curry likes Samsung. Wants to follow South Korea's economical and social development. Will also be operating 100 of my awesome howitzers! Helped out in the Korean War by sending medical units to South Koreaball. Buddy. I invest a lot in Curry's market.
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - Good trading partners. Australia and South Korea both discourage whaling.
  • Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball - Strange frenemy. He and Japan are best friends, liking. We and Japan beings enemies,and he remove Turkey, because Turkey invaded Bulgariaball. But he likes Gangnam Style, me, K-Pop and Seoul. North Korea says he is North Koreaball's archenemy, not sworn enemy. Soon... we wirr of destroyings North before he invade us.
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - They give me weapons and help eachothers in economy. Is also enemy of my brother and also Iran is friend of my brother.
  • Myanmar-icon Myanmarball - Try to learn me.
  • Romania-icon Romaniaball - Good friend. He likes K-Pop. Can you gib me some info about North Korea-icon North Koreaball from inside?
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball - Likes K-Pop.

Neutral(중립): Edit

  • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - Taiwan is encouraged to keep watching Korean drama, but she hates me in 2011. Why she hates me?
  • Syria-icon Syriaball - She loves North Korea-icon Fake Korea.
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - He invaded me when he was Soviet-icon Soviet Union.But he is no longer commie and like(?) capitalism now.And also he kinda hates Japan for Kuril Islands dispute. Let's kick Japans ass together.
  • Japan-icon Japanball - I normaly hates. But we needs(?)Japan. She's a frenemy. DONT ANCHUSS ME AGAIN...OR ELSE. South Korea hates Anime,Porn,And Sushi. REMEMBER CONFERT WOMEN AND MOTHER DEATH!

Enemies(적): Edit

  • China-icon Chinaball - Best friend of sworn enemy brother North Koreaball. Taught him how to make nukes.China also removed Gangnam Style. AND HELPED MY EVIL BROTHER. WHY I CANNOT INTO INSTALLING THAAD? YUO CANT STOP ME FROM INSTA--- Wait, you of stop trades if I don't do as yuo say?! Y SO MEAN?! OPPAAAAA!!!(Calls out for USA-icon USAball still sobbing.)


  • "Hyeongje" - North Korea-icon Brother
  • "Aigo!!" - Argg!!
  • "Hwayting!" - Fighting! (used as a phrase to boost things up)
  • "Manse!" - To boost morale, in conjunction with "Korea" ("daehanmingug manse") it equals "God bless America" or "Vive la France". Means 'Myriad of Years'. However it is commonly translated as"Hooray!"
  • "Gwiyomi" - Cutie (same to Japan-icon Kawaii)
  • "Annyeong" - Hello
  • "Myeolgong!" - Annihilate communism!
  • "K K K K" and Khe Khe- Used instead of "lol" 100% not Filipino.
  • "Shibal!!" - South Koreaball's kurwa.
  • "Jojgatne!!" - Damn it
  • "Ilbon" - Calling Japan-icon Japanball
  • "Jjokbari"- Calling Japan-icon Japanball in the lowest way possible
  • "Jjoungook" - Calling China-icon Chinaball
  • "Zzangkkae" - Calling China-icon Chinaball in the lowest way possible
  • "Palgangyee" - Calling North Korea-icon North Koreaball (or any commie) in the lowest way
  • "Bulgalia" - Calling Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball

Gallery: Edit

Images of South Koreaball's subdivisions: Edit


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