South African Republicball (Transvaal) was a Boer republic. It was located in Northern South Africa. Its capital was Pretoria.


It was founded in 1856 by Boers, exiles from the British Cape Colony, after the The Great Trek (Die Groot Trek). Their capital was located near rich gold mines, and much of their income came from this. The Transvaal, led by Paul Kruger, refused to grant political rights to Uitlanders and native Africans. All the while, British Imperialism was on the wane, and the British public's mood turned against oppression of the sort practiced by the Boers. Under this justification, Cecil Rhodes organized "the Raid" to provoke the Transvaal government, and possibly take it over, which failed miserably. Kruger, perceiving an attack to be imminent, mobilized and invaded Natal (British Zululand), using advanced German Mauser rifles bought using gold profits. After Two Anglo-Boer Wars, Orange Free Stateball (Oranje or Transoranje), South-African Republicball (le stronkest) and British Cape Colony (BOOO, YOU SUCK) and Natal (ISI ZULU) formed the Union of South Africa.


Orange Free Stateball - Transoranje... My brother... we of shouldings kick british ass together


Zulu Kingdomball - Some uncivilized 8ball Kingdom. They cool because they of kicked UK's ass (see Anglo-Zulu War)

Russiaball - Thankings for helps in Boer Wars and song!

Polandball - Thankings for help in Boer Wars!

Netherlandsball - Daddy!

Finlandball, IcelandballNorwayball, Swedenball - Thankings for help in Boer Wars!

Germanyball - Thankings for help in Boer Wars!

USAball - Thankings for help in Boer Wars!

Italyball - Thankings for help in Boer Wars!

Irelandball - Thankings for help in Boer Wars!

Franceball - Thankings for help in Boer Wars!

Australiaball - did you of even helps Thankings for help in Boer Wars and some volunteers!

Fun Facts

  • There is a Russian song about Transvaal called «Трансвааль, страна моя, ты вся горишь в огне!» ("Transvaal, Strana Moya, ty vsya gorish' v ogne) which translates to: Transvaal, my land, you all burn in fire!
  • Even though Australia was on the Imperial side, some Australians volunteered to help the Boers as part of the foreign legions.
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