I am Socialist Philippinesball!! Long live democratic socialism!!! Philippines deserve democracy and socialism!! Human rights for Bisaya, Negro, and Moro!! Lessen privatization plox!!
— Socialist Philippinesball

Socialist Philippinesball is the leftist side of Philippinesball. This countryball supported Filipino federalism and communism, and unlike other leftist socialist pages, he is not one of the leftists leaning on far-left politics. He supported NPA-related leftist Pinoy pages and has a good or normal relationship with Philippinesball and other non-leftist countryballs. He never declared war on other pages, although he mocked some countryballs like Malaysiaball and Chinaball. He likes Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Ho Chi Minh, Martin Luther King and Sukarno. He also likes Sun Yat Sen, therefore he believes that Kuomintang is socialist and he believed that ROC flag is more socialist than PRC's flag which represent some kind of non-sense traditional Chinese dragon or Kung Hei Fat Choi or stuff (Yellow and Red are China's traditional colors). Lastly, he likes Gaddafi and considers him a true socialist.

His Best friends are Vietnamball, Philippinesball, Cubaball, Socialist Franceball, Libyaball (green one doesnt exist), Indonesiaball, Socialist Indonesiaball, Joseonball, Yugoslaviaball and South Koreaball. He is okay with Russiaball, USABall, Soviet Union Ball, and others. He hates North Koreaball and Chinaball.


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