Nad Tatrou Sa Blyska Hromy Divo Biju
— Slovakia beginning to sing his/her anthem

Slovakiaball represents the country of Slovakia. It is a small Slavic country in the middle of Europe (often dubbed as the heart of Europe). He is brothers with Czechiaball (they like each almost all the time, except at moments when they are playing ice hockey against each other (big rivals) LONG STORY). He is often mistaken for Sloveniaball and vice versa, but now they are seen getting along. He lost his eye (probably due to Soviet Unionball in WW2) and now he has an eye patch. Before his eye died, he resembled a mini-Russiaball. He separated from Austria-Hungaryball in 1920 (Treaty of Trianon) in the form of Czechoslovakiaball. Although Slovakiaball is Liberlandball's Uncle, they do not have a lot of similarities. He is also Serbiaballs "friend" and he is of kill gay people. Slovakia originally wanted to kill Hungaryball. He can into removing kebab, as he banned Islam.


Sloveniaball's history started in times of his first ancestor Samo's Empireball (West Slovakia, Principality of Nitraball, cities: Devínball, Devínska Nová Vesball, Bratislavaball).

Then in era of king "Svatopluk I", these territories united with the Principality of Moravia, territories of Polandball and Hungaryball to create Great Moraviaball.

Later, Slovakia, with his full claimed territory, joined Hungaryball / Austria-Hungaryball. Slovakia was a land, but with great agrarian areas. When Hungaryball started Magyarization with plan made from Slovakiaball and his nation next Hungarians, he started rebelling and he wanted to create with Czechball a new common state known as "Czechoslovakiaball" (Because Czechball was under Austriaball tyranny and germanization).

When The Great War (WW1) started in 1914, Slovakiaball wanted to destroy Austria-Hungaryball's tyranny and wanted to be a free nation in federation with Czechball (Czechball and Slovakiaball created Czecho-Slovakia legions).

When Czechosovakiaball was born (1918), Czechball wanted full control on Slovakia and violated the Pittsburgh Agreement (Federation Czechoslovakiaball). Now started new horrible era for Slovakiaball "Czechoslovakianization" (We are not Slovakiaball and Czechball anymore, no federation, we are only Czechoslovakiaball).

Slovakiaball was angry at his brother Czechball, but he wanted to be friends with him. When WW2 started and Hungaryball was in Axis and wanted to annex Slovakiaball, he quickly joined Naziball as a satellite state and loyal ally as First Slovak Republicball. But First Slovak Republicball lost his south territories to Hungaryball in the "Vienna Arbitration" and after the Slovak–Hungarian War or Little War.

First Slovak Republicball fought with Soviet Unionball, because he hated communists.

First Slovak Republicball lost WW2 as an Axis power and was joined again to Czechoslovakiaball. After years ago, Slovakiaball in communist era don´t received from Czechball federacy offer. He was still angry at his older brother. But again...

Slovakiaball has received second and final independence when Czechoslovakiaball separated to two countryballs (1993) on end of the Warsaw Pact: Czechball and Slovakiaball. Slovakiaball recently passed his 23rd birthday, now he can into drinkings alcohol.



  • Czech-icon Czechiaball - Best friend and brother. Well played, congratulations on beating me 3-2 OT in the IIHF. It was very fun
  • Poland-icon Polandball - Other brother. He is the other Westernmost slav. We are strong partners in peacekeeping
  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball - He's good Slavic friend and good Kebab remover (when he doesn't mention a word about genocide)
  • USA-icon USAball - Thanks for getting me into NATOball. Please safeguard me from Russia in case he goes wild.
  • Romania-icon Non-Slavic Brother- Helps me remove Hungary. Also has problem with gypsies
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - Thanks for getting me into the EU but you are also scary. Don't give me that nightmare again. I'm still watching you.
  • Croatia-icon Croatiaball - Favorite holiday destination. (Can't wait for summer!)
  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball Best supportful ally! I will defend you from the Russians just like what happened to me in 1968!
  • Austria-icon Austriaball - We had a good history with each other. We also live really close to each others capital making it more fun to travel :) We also like to drink
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball   - You do like to remove kebab quite well so I will recognize you as a non-slavic friend. We used to not be friendly until now! I will "safeguard" your Hungarian minority living in my area.
  • Slovenia-icon Sloveniaball - Although your a name/flag stealer. I recognize you as a peaceful country who is also competitive in hockey. We also like to trade with each other
  • Mongolia-icon Mongoliaball - One of my best Asian buddies. We were very good friends and business partners. (and still are)
  • China-icon Asian Bro - Big and strong Asian friend. We share a great relationship with each other


  • Soviet-icon Torturer - Worse nightmare ever, I will remember you for bringing shame to my country in 1968.
  • Russia-icon Putin We have a lot in common, but he is also a little aggressive (I'm sometimes scared of him). Yeah, and we both love ice hockey. We hate each other now since the UK attack on the Skirpals and the fact that I had to expell three Russian diplomats. YOU ARE THE WORST ON POLITICS PUTIN! YOU SUCK (VY NASAVAT!).
  • Belarus-icon Lukashenko You are nothing but a puppet to the evil Russia. No Respect for you Lukashenko. (Destroys Belarus's hockey stick).
  • Nazi-icon Fuhrer - One of me and my Czech brother's worse nightmare! Do not remind me or him of the past or I will cry in bed with Poland.
  • ReichTime Reichtangle - OH MOTHER OF GOD! (Faints)
  • Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - I recognize you as a terrorist state. I will not make good friendship with you for hurting my dear Serbia-icon Brother in the Yugoslav war.
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - Go somewhere else with your muslim craziness such as Pakistan or some other desert countries. (But I will pay you 5000 Euros to mess in Kosovo)
  • Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball - Thanks to you and your dirty war in 1991 against your separatists (which was a time of turmoil), I had to "defuse" with Czech Republic (Who also didn't want to).