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Sillaball was a countryball in East Asia. She is the one who killed Gayaball and lived longer than Goguryeoball. She was killed by Goryeoball and Taebongball in 935. Despite that she lived a pretty darn life.


Sillaball was born around B.C.60 as Sarogookball. His father was Jinhanball. Later, he killed his father and became the ruler of the southeastern part of the peninsula.

Sillaball was the weakest of the three kingdoms but later, he gained power. He killed Gayaball, Baeckjaeball and Goguryeoball with Tangball but now Tangball invaded Silla so he fighted and won.

Sillaball lived pretty peacefully until the end of the 9th century until his health became bad.He died in 935 when he surrendered by itself to Goryeoball.