Sierra Leoneball is a countryball in Africa. And one of the infected countryballs having Ebola.

He is member of the Atlantic Congo family (West Africans).


Sierra Leoneball born as a 8ball, adopted by UKball till 1961. He went crazy in 1991 when a very violent civil war burst in his clay until 2002.

Nowadays, he is underdeveloped and suffers from extreme poverty and ebola. In August 2017, his clay is hit by a devastating flood who killed more than 400 Sierra Leoneballs in Freetownball.


How to draw

Draw Sierra Leoneball is simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes, green, white and blue
  2. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


Guineaball and Liberiaball- We bond over ebola. We will always have ebola. Literally...

UKball, USAball, Canadaball, Franceball- Helps with curing ebola and can into foreign aid.

Australiaball- Not doing enough.

Bangladeshball- Doing quite well with us through peacekeepers, as adopter of the Bengali language.

UN-iconUNball- Gib aid for ebola. Stop telling your members and give us yourselfs aid.

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