Siemianowiceball is a cityball of Polandball and a friend of Katowiceball.


Siemianowice received city rights in 1932, when he was considered the largest country in Europe. But the history of the city dates back to the Middle Ages, to small settlement courtly. At the end of the XVIII century began to develop the mining industry. The turning point in the history of Siemianowic Lazarus was the decision of Count Henckel von Donnersmarck III, the titular free state on earth you Bytom, by making the local palace of his seat. He initiated the intensive development of the industry, which continued to successive heirs. At the turn of the century Siemianowice already characterized by intensely developed urban buildings, although it formally remained one of the largest villages in Europe. After World War II was still ongoing rapid growth of the city, began to form new settlements and constantly develop mines and steelworks. Currently in heavy industry almost collapsed, and there is a lot of unemployment.