The Paris of the East

Shanghaiball is the most populous city of Chinaball and the largest city proper by population in the world with about 24 million people in him. (jelly Tokyo and New York?).


Shanghaiball was founded from around the 5th–7th century as an irrelevant small fishing village on the Yangtze. Fast forward to early 1400s, Shanghai had to build to wall around himself to defend against Japanese pirate raid. Then an Italian Jesuit named Matteo Ricci came and brought Christianity. Then the British and other Europeans came and Shanghai can into relevance by favorable port location and economic potential. Then came World War II, when Shanghai got invaded by the Japanese. His brother Nanjingball unfortunately got, well... "屠杀-ed". After that, he made Shanghai into the Great Wayball, which later ceded to the Reformed Government. Then Mao Zedong and the Communists came and Shanghai's became irrelevant again. Then we have Deng Xiaoping and Shanghai can back into relevance. Then Dongfang Mingzhuta tallest building in China. Nao is one of most powerful cities.

Shangaiball biggest dream now is to become Chinaball's capital city (this is will happen in Twelfth of Never).

Franceball gave Shanghaiball its own special criterium cycling race in 2017 like she did for Saitamaball four years prior, featuring many of her beloved Tour de France's biggest stars.



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