Some serbian shit you got yourself intp

Serbian Krajinaball was a Serbian state in Croatia formed during the Yugoslav Wars and the Bosnian War after Croatiaball declared independence. 1995. it got Stormed away by Croatiaball.


Serbian Krajinaball was born as a 2ball. Serbs in SR Croatiaball didn't like when SR Croatiaball declared independence, so they started fighting for their rights. They were "sold" by Yugoslaviaball polticians because of much larger Serbian population in Republika Srpskaball. Croatiaball did storm and "stormed" Croatia from occupiers. Serbian Krajinaball ceased to exist.

Before Yugoslavia

This state was in Austria-Hungaryball, until it ceased to exist because of Croatization and Hungarization of Serbs in this area, because of Kingdom of Serbiaball plans to make Serbs unite into Great Serbia.