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Comic 11

No kebab, no problem


Serbia-icon Serbiaball

Serbia-icon Serbiaball is countryball located in Southeast Europe, specifically on Balkan peninsula. He is well known for removing Turkey-icon kebab. He's very stronk, he claimed that his horses are invincible and very of stronkest, and that he want most of the world's kebab clay and rightfully own it himself. He is also one-eyed and wears an eyepatch.

He's also well known for winning Eurovision on his debut in 2007 with Marija Serifovic's song ''Molitva''.

Serbia also has good singers, like Djani and Sinan Sakic.

Nikola Tesla was of Serbian!


Early history:Edit

Serbia was born a 2-icon 2ball like all European countries and was in Southeastern Europe with other countries.

In the 7th century, Panslavic-icon Slavball ancestors of Serbiaball arrived in Serbia. In 768, Serbiaball was born for the first time.

Middle ages:Edit

Serbia was a small kingdom in the Balkans at the time. Even had an Empire for some time.

In 9th century, he converted to christianity. In 13th century he became vassal of Byzantine-icon Byzantineball. The 13th and 14th centuries were a golden age for Serbiaball. He was sort of an innocent countryball back then.

But this would soon end when in the late 14th century when Turkey-icon kebab invaded the balkans. Serbia removed many Kebabs but Turkey-icon kebab defeated Serbiaball at the Marica River in 1371, then at Kosovo in 1389, then at the city of Smederevo in 1459 and finally at Belgrade in 1521. Serbiaball swore to take revenge.

During the invasion Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball was of helping me defend, even if we failed, thanks bro, never forget!

While being under Turkey-icon kebab domination, he rebelled in 1594 but was defeated, then again in 1683 but was also defeated, then in 1804 but it only lasted for some time and in 1812 they were finally defeated, then in 1815 and this time Turkey-icon kebab gave Serbiaball some autonomy.

Modern times: Edit

In 1878 Serbiaball became indepedent REMOVE KEBAB!!! and in 1882 Serbiaball became a Kingdom.

In 1913 he removed Turkey-icon kebab for good from Balkans with the help of Greece-icon Greeceball and Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball.

But then they couldn't agree on the new borders, so he with Greece-icon Greeceball and Romania-icon Romaniaball fought and defeated Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball. A sad moment for the nations of balkans indeed.

Serbia-icon Serbiaball's history in a nutshell: REMOVE KEBAB!

How WW1 Started: Edit

This Franz (From Austria-Hungary-icon Austria-Hungaryball) was of visitings of Sarajevo in 1914. Serb called Gavrilo Princip was ready to do crap on Austrians and he killed Franz. Austria-Hungary-icon Austria-Hungaryball was of so mad, that he invaded Serbiaball.

After he joined Panslavic-icon State of Serbs, Croats and Slovenesball and anschlused Kingdom of Montenegroball and that created Panslavic-icon Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball. 1918 best year of life for Serbiaball's citizens.

Yugoslaviaball: Edit

Serbiaball was a part of Kingdom of Yugoslavia-icon The Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball, with his brothers Slovenia-icon Sloveniaball, Croatia-icon Croatiaball, Bosnia-icon Bosnia and Herzegovinaball, Macedonia-icon Macedoniaball , Montenegro-icon Montenegroball and two autonomous provinces: Kosovo-icon Kosovoball and Vojvodina-icon Vojvodinaball.

At first it was a kingdom but then Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball invaded it.

After world war 2, Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball became communist. It was all of goods and nice until of death of Tito.

Serbiaball wanted to turn Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball into a greater serbia because (stupid) Slobadon Melosevic, the current leader of SR Serbia at the time, was a nationalist and so were the leaders of SR Croatia and SR Bosnia so of wars between Croatia-icon Croatiaball, Serbiaball, Bosnia-icon Bosnia and Herzegovinaball broke out.

After the Yugoslav War, Serbiaball and Montenegro-icon Montenegroball became Panslavic-icon Serbia and Montenegroball, then Montenegro-icon Montenegroball left me and now Kosovo-icon Kosovoball wanna leave me.


National Anthem: God of Justice Serbia Strong


Serbian religion is of Orthodox Christianity 86.8% while 13.2% invaders are waiting for proper removal.


  • 83.3% Serbs
  • 3.5% Hungarian
  • 2.1% Gypsy-icon Gypsy
  • 2.0% Bosniak or Albanians (waiting to be removed, since they is of no countryball)
  • 0.9% Romanians (Romanians + Vlachs)
  • 0.8% Croats
  • 0.7% Slovaks
  • 5.3% other



His best friend is himself and these are sort of friends

  • Byzantine-icon Byzantineball - You made me great, my years under you were one of the best years in my life, then the kebab plague came and removed you, kebab will face of justice! I will a avenge you!
  • Greece-icon Greeceball - We are both orthodox christian and both hate kebab. Greece is also my best friend. You helping me in every war.
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Brothers. We are both Orthodox and Slavic. Russia isn't A Big Fan Of Me But He Tags Along With Me. He Helps Me sometimes When I'm in Trouble And We Both Remove Kebab. But I Want To Join EU, I'll remove Chechnyaball
  • Romania-icon Romaniaball - We are both orthodox and wish to remove Turkey-icon kebab, both hate Turkey-icon Big Kebab, he is also the only neighbor I never got into fight with. He also doesn't recognise fake country.
  • Armenia-icon Armeniaball - We both wish to kill Turkey-icon kebab and restore glorious Constantinole and hate Turkey-icon kebab.
  • Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball-Former enemy.But we both remove kebab we are Orthodox and we are Slavic and we are getting better realationships.BUT STOP RECOGNISING KOSOVO!!!
  • Slovakia-icon Slovakiaball - They wish to kill Goulash (northern Kebab), he is kebab remover and hates Hungary-icon Hungaryball.
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - Friends because both were occupied by kebab and love collaborating with each other.
  • Montenegro-icon Montenegroball - Alter Ego. Does what I say, but sometimes i see him hanging out with Albaniaball ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH THE KEBAB
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball - Is weird and distant kebab who supports me. Thanks for not recognizing Kosovo-icon Kosovoball as real countryball. Former ally of Russia-icon Russiaball.
  • Tunisia-icon Tunisiaball - He is of kebab and couscous, but he doesn't recognise Kosovo, we both into friendship. Nowdays he has problems with terrorists and know anytime to call me for help friendski.<s>I'll remove you later terrorist</s>
  • France-icon Franceball - Are thoughts and prayers are with yuo. Now let me in there so I could do what it has to be done. She also helped me during WW1. Still friends.


  • USA-icon USAball - He Bombed me and recognises Kosovo-icon Kosovoball. But he removes some kebabs in the middle east. And he does feel bad for me and many of his commanders apoligized for bombing me, I may forgive you one day. Oh yeah and I will beat you in basketball one day... Wait Trump Won The Election? Great! Now We Can Both Remove Kebab Together!
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball - Barbaric invader. Stole some of my clay as Austria-Hungary-icon Austria-Hungaryball but I killed their archduke in 1914 XAXAXAXAXA. We both remove kebab which is good. I think he still wants to steal Vojvodina-icon Vojvodinaball.
  • Croatia-icon Croatiaball - DISSOLVED YUGOSLAVIA! AND THEIR LEADER HATE SERBS!!! But still... we hang out sometimes... War, war never changes... Crying for the (g)old days sometimes, miss you brother.


  • Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - Fake Country! (KOSOVO IS OF SERBIA!) You are of albanian, you were in my clay and we allowed you to live there, we even gave you autonomy, this is how you repay me traitorus govno yendo? Get off my clay you don't of exist! YOU ARE OF TERRORIST! KOSOVO JE SRBIJA!!!!!!
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball REMOVE KEBAB remove kebab you are worst turk. You are the turk idiot you are the turk smell. Return to croatia. To our croatia cousins you may come our contry. You may live in the zoo….ahahahaha, bosnia we will never forgeve you. Cetnik rascal f*** but fuck asshole turk stink bosnia sqhipere shqipare. Turk genocide best day of my life. Take a bath of dead turk..ahahahahah. BOSNIA WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget WW2. Albiania we kill the king, albania return to your precious mongolia….hahahahaha. Idiot turk and bosnian smell so i can smell it. REMOVE KEBAB FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. Russia + Usa + Croatia + Slovak = Kill bosnia… you will WW2. Tupac alive in serbia, Tupac making album of serbia. Fast rap tupac serbia. We are rich and have gold now hahahaha ha because of tupac… you are poor stink turk. You live in a hovel hahahaha. You live in a yurt tupac alive numbr one #1 in serbia…. F*** ashol turks no good. I spit in the mouth eye of ur flag and contry. 2pac aliv and real strong wizard kill all the turk farm aminal with rap magic now we the serba rule. Ape of the zoo presidant georg bush fuck the great satan and lay egg this egg hatch and bosnia was born. Stupid baby form the eggn give back our clay we will crush you like a skull of pig.
  • Albania-icon Albaniaball - KOSOVO JE SRBIJAAAA! СРБИЈА ДО ТОКИЈА! KSOVO JE SERIJBA YOU LITTLE CHEEKI KEBAB, ANALBANIA'S CLAY IS 100% SERBIAN, SERBIJAN HORSES ARE INVASIBLE 2 PAC HATES YOU!! And stop bullying me if you bully me one more time I'll get Russiaball on you.
  • Chechnya-icon Chechnyaball - Who Are You? Oh The Hardest Kebab On Earth... I'll Remove You Soon And Stop Bullying Russia
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - I will remove you, terrorist. You are of pure Turkey-icon Kebab and that automatically makes you a terrorist. I will remove you next.
  • Ottoman-icon Ottomanball - Stolen a lot of my clay, what a precious turk..
  • Bosnia-icon Bosnia and Herzegovinaball - He is a Turkey-icon kebab and so must be removed but atleast you have large orthodox christian population and not as much of a kebab as the other kebabs are. Oh yeah and he stole my son Republika Srpskaball. FREE SRPSKA 2018!!!!
  • Syria-icon Syriaball and other kebabs - Stop coming into European clay. Didn't you read the sign. No kebabs! And stop littering plox.
  • Denmarkball/Swedenball - Stop supporting Kosovoball you stupid Nordic heretics, Stupid Muslim loving, Christian hating atheists

Quotes: Edit

  • Oj Slobo pošalji salate, biće mesa, biće mesa, klaćemo Hrvate!
  • Samo sloga srbina spašava!
  • Kosovo is Serbia!
  • Kosovo je srce Srbije!
  • Ubi, zakolji, da Šiptar ne postoji!
  • Ubi Hrvata da Šiptar nema brata!
  • Granate na Bošnjake!
  • Nema vrba koliko ima Srba, ali ima grana koliko Muslimana!
  • Nema vrba koliko ima Srba, ali ima granata koliko i Bošnjaka!
  • Vreme za Rakiju!
  • Živeli!
  • Bre Bre


Remove kebab polandball00:18

Remove kebab polandball



Icons: Edit


Link comics:Edit


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