Seoulball is the capital and the most populated cityball of South Korea-icon South Koreaball. He has a lot of famous K-pop, plastic surgery, dramas and food. Seoulball also have the 16th highest population in the world.

Seoulball's clay is extremely popular among foreigners, for its easy transportation, vibrant culture and foreigner-friendly system.

China-icon Chinese tourists, and other tourists frequently visit Seoulball, and Seoul makes the most profitable city in Asia.


Seoulball was born as Wiryeball, adopted by whoever had the land on his clay, since 1392, he was the elder child (capital) of Joseonball and Korean Empireball, When Korean Empireball died, he was 'removed', but revived when Korea gained independence.


위례(wirye) -> 한성(Hansung) -> 한양 (Hanyang) ->경성(Gyeongsung)-> 서울(seoul)




  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball- Mother's naughty brother. Where Kim Jong Un is and torcher happens. 1950 WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! Your communist propaganda was of Worst!! REMOVE JUCHE!!!
  • North Korea-icon (division) Pyongyangball- 미친 빨갱이놈. Friends before the split of Korea. Now enemies.