Sentineleseball is a people that still lives like Paleolithic times. Sentineleseball is extremely aggressive against other countryballs. India-icon Indiaball has tried many times to make connections but always came back impaled with spears and arrows. Myanmar-icon Myanmarball is scared of them. But India got to my island and gave us free coconuts.

  • He currently is developing long range ballistic spears to anschluss the world.


Sentineleseball was born as a 7-icon 7ball, later adopted by British Raj-icon British Rajball and India-icon Indiaball.

After the British kidnapped some of their tribe members and tried to assimilate them, the elders died, then they let the child go back. Seeing that some of their fellow tribesmen never returned, they became aggressive to everyone trying to visit their island.

Nowadays, they will KILL EVERYTHING that comes onto the islands. That results in India-icon Indiaball not knowing much about Sentineleseball. In fact information about them is so scarce that everything we know about them came from information obtained from other countryballs, so this page symbolically does not have phrases in the first person. To this day, not much is known about them.

Once attacked a helicopter with spears and brutally killed two sleeping men on their boat, who accident drifted too close to the island's shores.