Sejongball is King Sejong of Joseon is a major cityball of South Koreaball. Sejongball is also known as South Koreaball's second capital after Seoulball. Sejongball also likes apartments. Sejongball is mainly filled with governmental facilities and offices, and lots of new apartments are being stationed there.

Sejongball was named after King Sejong the Great, the 4th king of Joseonball.


Seoulball was crowded and full with people. Former president of South Koreaball wanted to change South Koreaball's capital to somewhere in Chungcheongnam-doball. Candidates were Nonsanball and more.

With alot of national assemblies, Sejongball was born and killings Yeongiball and took all of its clay. Today, the population is currently low, but there are many apartments.

How to draw

  1. Draw a basic sphere and color it white.
  2. Draw the logo/flag of Sejong in the sphere.
  3. Draw eyes (it can be slanted)
  4. Add shadows (optional)