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Second Polish Republicball is an ancestor of Polandball. Restored after 1918 from ruins of WWI, Second Polish Republicball was STRONK and inpenetrable country until in 1939 some scum (Kurwa you Germany Naziball and co.) invaded from both sides trying to take clay (even encircled, he fought better than France) and after WWII, he became the People's Republic of Polandball because traitorous kurwas from Allies sold Poland to uncle Stalin to make it Europoor.

He planned to create a stronk union, Intermarium, against USSR and Nazi Germany, but he failed. After the fall of People's Republic of Polandball,he was reformed into The Third Polish Republicball.

Friends Edit

Kind of Enemies Edit

  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball - Caused the Cossack uprisings, also tried to take Lwów
  • ReichTime Reichtangle - I remember still hakata and other shitty tryings to germanize my CORE!!
  • East Germany-icon Weimar Republicball - How dare you not givings clay to Poland and supress my uprisings?
  • Austria-icon Austriaball - Still of dislikings yuo

Enemies Edit

Poland-icon Unlucky... but Glorious and Hussarist Republic of Poland Language-icon
Voivodeships Greater Poland-icon Greater PolandballKuyavia-Pomerania-icon Kuyavia-PomeraniaballLesser Poland-icon Lesser PolandballŁódź-icon ŁódźballLower Silesia-iconLower SilesiaballLublin-icon LublinballLubusz-icon LubuszballMasovia-icon MasoviaballOpole-icon OpoleballPodlasie-icon PodlaskieballPomerania-icon PomeraniaballSilesia-icon SilesiaballSubcarpathia-icon SubcarpathiaballSwietokrzyskie-icon SwietokrzyskieballWarmia-Masuria-icon Warmia-MasuriaballWest Pomerania-icon West Pomeraniaball
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Poland-icon (hussar wings) Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna! Poland-icon (hussar wings)

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