Saudi Arabiaball is a holy kebab countryball in the Middle East. He is a good friend of USA-icon USAball and Arab League-icon Arabballs and enemy of Iran-icon Iranball and ISIS-icon ISISball. He has lots and lots of OIL for monies. He is trying to be good and help other countryballs but no one likes him because of ISIS-icon ISISball. He always look unfathomable because of all the things that are happening around him. Saudi Arabiaball is a big fan of robot's rights, being the first countryball to recognize a robot as a citizen.

Saudi Arabiaball is also a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a group formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon EUball.



  • USA-icon USAball - We been friends for 80 years! He made me rich buying my oil. We have weird friendship. His son, Texasball blames me for 9/11. Thanks to Donald Trump for us having a massive Arms Deal worth $110 Billion, we will beat our enemies soon enough. Both Can into Oil!
  • UK-icon UKball - Helped me in the past but i don't know now
  • EU-icon EUball - He is very weird I see him all time going away from me.But thanks for taking in refugees.Take more!!!Meanwhile I take none.
  • Arab League-icon Arab Leagueball - Of Salaams! I love my Arab Countries!
  • Yemen-icon Yemenball - Yemen, i protect from Iran-iconIranball. But, never forget the year of elephant 570 AD!
  • UAE-icon UAEball - I Always go vacation to him.But i will have a bigger building then him by 2020
  • Bahrain-icon Bahrainball - Helping him against Iran-icon Iranball
  • Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball - Saddam is a little evil dictator, why should he hurt you?
  • Jordan-icon Jordanball - Not so Important but is in Arab League anyways. Also is of my brother.
  • Egypt-icon Egyptball - He killed me when the first time I born in "1818" but he is good friend now "cuz I give him money" and he fought the pigdog for me!
  • Libya-icon Libyaball - Oil?
  • Morocco-icon Moroccoball - Here take 200 billion dollars, AND USE IT WISELY OK?
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - Best European friend. Gibs a lot of nice cars to me. And also doesn't like that Shia infidel Iran.
  • Taliban-icon Talibanball - I was one of three countries recognizing him as a legit government of Afghanistan, along with UAEball and Pakistanball, the two of us had military cooperation
  • Lebanon-icon Lebanonball - I’m trying to remove Hezbollahball and the rest of the opposition from him.
  • Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball - Also important and you also prove to me that Muslims are kind and generous like serving UK's castle.
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball - You also important, you have the largest Muslim population.
  • India-icon Indiaball - Trade partners.
  • Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - New kebab!!
  • Palestine-icon Palestineball - Filthy jew israelcube will die no worry i help you.
  • Sweden-icon Swedenball- Although he is gay and christian, he will be a future kebab by population growth.
  • Guantánamo-icon Guantánamoball (bay) - Aka only kebab in North America so he is important



  • Iran-icon Iranball - Remove Shia, Sunni is of true Islam! Also Remove Bahá'í!
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - He betrayed me and he is friends with Iran-icon Iranball and Qatar-icon Qatarball, you are the worst Kebab ever, REMOVE TURKIC COUNTRIES
  • Iraq-icon Iraqball - Tried to invade me in 1991 to take my oil after invading my brother Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball. REMOVE SADDAM!! (Oh wait, we already did :l)
  • Syria-icon Syriaball - Remove Assad! Assad is a murderous to his citizens. FSA-icon FSA is of true Syria! Free Syria!
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - Fake Islam trying to kill me and other countryballs thinks he is my son. Also is of threating to destroy Kaaba.
  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball - Yuo think that removing kebab is fun! Come and try to remove me.Meanwhile I persecute religious minoritites.
  • Sentinelese-icon Sentineleseball - He doesn't allow kebab on his island! I must send him kebab and show him who's boss.
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball - take refugees you selfish !@#$%^&*, I'm not letting them into my house.
  • Angola-icon Angolaball - He bans Islam.Meanwhile I ban other religions.
  • Myanmar-icon Myanmarball- Removes kebab, Evil Doer!! Meanwhile I may execute Gays,Women, Christians, Shias
  • Turkmen-icon Turkmenistanball, Uzbek-icon Uzbekistanball, Tajik-icon Tajikistanball - Oh look, some muslim majority countries but persecuting their own muslim population. That's so low, even for you three. For shame why would anyone do that.
  • Qatar-icon Qatarball - I accuse you for state funding terrorism meanwhile it's fine for me to support rebels and bombing Yemen's clay and you're too close to Shia Infidel. So, we're boycotting you and held any logistical supply for entering your clay.

How to draw

Since the Shahada (the Arabic writing on the flag) is hard to draw, some users randomly make fake letters stereotyping Arabic letters on it and add the sword, some just like to insult and draw inappropriate messages at the flag of Saudi Arabia.



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