Satan-icon Satan
Satan-icon Satan

History Edit

Holy Bible says that Satanball born from God before human borns. He then rebelled against God because he disliked humans, and was cast out of Heaven, ruling over Hell where all evil countries go.

Holy Quran, made by Islam, says that Satanball was created by God before human is exist. They used to be the best creature in universe. When the first ball(Adam) was created, all creatures were commanded by God to bow a knee to Adam. The angels did it but Satan doesn't so God was anggered and drove out him out of heaven. He will distract all balls until the end of time so they will enter hell.

Today, there are some Satanists that follows him as a real god. Others say he was made up by Christian-icon Christianityball to make Pagan-icon Paganball look evil and scare them into converting.


Satanball is called evil and bad almost by everyone, but actually, he just loves when countryballs show their wicked and selfish side and enjoys punishing them. He is an expert in countryball behavior and can predict accurately when a countryball is about to rape other. Many countryballs keep him company in hell but the most notable are Union of South Africa-icon Union of South Africaball (for his racism), Spanish-icon Spanish Empireball (for greediness), Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball (for hatredness).

Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Christian-icon Christianityball - Wants to remove me and opposite of me. Got kicked out of heaven and I've hated him ever since.
  • Hinduism-icon Hinduismball - Yuo are a good religion and that makes you an enemy.
  • Buddhism-icon Buddhismball - Yuo are also good religion just like the other three above you.
  • Atheism-icon Atheismball - What!I thought you were my friend but you are against me!

Who's in Hell Edit

  • Soviet-icon Sovietball - Is down here with me now, because of the gulag and Holodomor. He makes vodka for me.

Most imperial Countryballs, but to name a few:

  • Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball - Raped, tortured and killed millions of civilians. Even biologically experimented with them too just because. He makes Sushi for me.

Bound to end up here Edit

Some countries have committed such terrible acts that they will instantly be rejected from heaven if they die. Here are few of them.

  • Uganda-icon Ugandaball - Insane warlord who will pay for his crimes. 
  • UK-icon UKball - Turns out to control 1/4 of the world you have to kill some people. About 150 million to be exact
  • Portugal-icon Portugalball - Yuo! Yuo,Boiled, burned and fried people in the name of God. Now I bill do the same to yuo, in the name of...ME! Mwhahaha.
  • USA-icon USAball - Always behind the scene, exterminated nearly all native Americans.  
  • others 

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