Sassanidball was of last non-Muslim Persian empire. He fought a lot with Byzantine Empireball and even managed to take clay in Egypt and Armenia at first, but eventually lost it. After wars with Byzantine Empireball made him very weak, he was conquered by Rashidunball and turned into kebab.


After Parthia's vassal, Persis became the ruler of Persia, Persis changed his name into Sassanid.

He continued his cousin Parthia did, fighting SPQRball. Even he made Persian territory larger. He did conquests to Central Asia, Oman, Syria, Yemen and Egypt. He wanted to being like his dad, Achaemenid did. He love rivaling Byzantine. His best friend was Ancient Quraish tribes in Mecca.

In 470s, he started to fight Byzantine. He dislike Byzantine because Byzantine is Christian. He is Zoroastrian. In 500s, He made alliance with Gokturk to fight Hephthalite and won. After Hephthalite died, he hate Gokturk and fought him.

In 570, he sent aids to Mecca, because Kingdom of Axum and Himyarite Kingdom attacked Mecca with lots of Elephants. But a flock of Birds carrying 3 fire rock from hell attacked Axum's army (See Holy Quran chapter Al Feel verse 1-5). After Axum failed, he attacked Himyarite and set protections in Yemen.

In early 600s, he suceeded attacked Syria, Jerusalem and Egypt. Byzantine got mad when he found this. Then Byzantine gathered very large army to fought him and He lost Egypt, Syria and Jerusalem to Byzantine (See Holy Quran chapter Ar Rum verse 1-5).

In 615, A Caliphate named Rashidun, come from Arab. Rashidun defeated him at battle of Qadisiyah and battle of Walaja. Then he made alliance with Byzantine to fight Rashidun but still failed. Then in 651, Rashidun took the whole of Persia and killed him.


  • Byzantine-icon Byzantine Empireball - Remove Romans and their silly religion about a guy on a cross! Constantinople shall be of mine! 615-617AD was the Best of my life and 622AD was the WORST of life!
  • Ancient Armenia-icon Ancient Armeniaball - I split your clay between myself and Byzantineball, but yuo're no fun anymore now that yuo converted. Stop being Christians and join Zoroastrianism, or I will make you!
  • Abbasid-icon Rashidunball, Umayyad-icon Umayyadball and Abbasid-icon Abbasidball - Get away from me kebabs! Stop invading me! Do not want your strict monotheist religion! And I hate caliphs and kebabs.
  • Himyarite Kingdom-icon Himyarite Kingdomball - Stop trying to destroy Ancient Mecca's Kakbah. Cause he is my friend. Take that, I anschlussed yuo in 570AD!
  • Ancient Mecca-icon Ancient Meccaball - Good friend. Latta and Uzza paganism was a good religion. I supported him against Islam-icon kebabs.
  • Macedon-icon Macedonball and Sparta-icon Spartaball - My grandpa's worst enemies.
  • 4-icon Dabuyidball - My last son who stand in Zoroastrianism before Abbasid-icon Abbasidball anschlussed him.
  • Saffarid dynasty-icon Saffarid dynastyball and 4-icon Buyidball - My kebab son. But I like them, cause they rebels the caliph in my clay.
  • Parthia-icon Parthiaball - My mad central Asian cousin. At least he rescued Persia from the Roman Empire.
  • Achaemenid-icon Achaemenidball - My stronk Father. I wanna be like him.
  • SPQR-icon SPQRball - My dad's worst enemy and the ancestor of Byzantine-icon Byzantineball.
  • Gupta-icon Guptaball - Thanks for gib me elephants.
  • Sassanid-icon Piruz Nahavandi - Good guy! He used to be my soldier. After I dead, he stalked to Nabawi Mosque and killed Rashidun's caliph (Umar bin Khattab RA). Thanks once again!


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