Sabahball is a Malaysian stateball and is the easternmost stateball of Malaysiaball. He is one of the two Malaysia states on Borneo (the other being Sarawakball). Sabah got Mount Kinabalu and it on his flag. He can also look over the Philippinesball but they don't have good connections. Also, there is Bangsamoroball looking over, always try to find its chance to claim Sabah.

Russia-icon Russiaball and Ukraine-icon Ukraineball think he is Crimea-icon Crimeaball(except he has a mountain image on his right face.)

He actually want to join Malaysiaball bah, but now he regret already. If he and Sarawakball don't get equal developings and keeps getting his money and natural resources stealed kan, he and Sabahball will threaten the government with the sumpit, because Malaysiaball only has the Keris which is a melee weapon. Sabahball hate it when west Malaysiaball ask if sabahball lives on trees.(yes we do but our trees have elevators and when we see west malaysianballers wecut their heads off thats why no west malaysians know if we lives on trees or not).


Before Sabah, there was Bruneian Empireball before colonization. So was the Sultanate of Suluball for a while. Then came the UKball in 1882 and established North Borneoball. Japanese Empireball took it over during WWII but UKball got North Borneoball back after the war as Crown Colony of North Borneoball.


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