Socialist Republic of Serbiaball was a republic of Yugoslaviaball. They're not to be confused with SR Montenegroball, and vice versa.


The by Nazi Germanyball owned Territory of the Military Commander Serbiaball renamed himself to SR Serbiaball in 1945 after Yugoslaviaball liberated him from nazi occupation. He was always having a good time with Yugoslaviaball, like every other province or republic.

Shortly after Tito's death he soon took control of entire Yugoslaviaball.

Trilluminati brainwashed him and made him very nationalistic that he planned to transform Yugoslavia into a "Greater Serbia". This made SR Croatiaball and SR Sloveniaball angry and so they left Yugoslaviaball. SR Bosnia and Herzegovinaball also left Yugoslaviaball in 1992, because he not wanted to make war with SR Serbiaball againist his brothers SR Croatiaball and SR Sloveniaball.


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