Errare humanum est!
Est tempus for Pax Romana!
Victory to the Great Roman Empire!
— Julius Casear

Ancient Romeball, also known as Roman Empireball, SPQRball, Roman Republicball and Roman Kingdomball was the mightiest Classical Age European empire. It spoke Latin and hated almost any neighbor they had. Their army was one of the best in the Antiquity, but it weakened after numerous succession crises and foreign invasions and in the end, they weren't able to defend against people with pointy sticks.



Legend says that after Troy-icon Troyball got destroyed, Aeneas and some exiles went into Latium and founded Alba Longaball. Then, from Alba Longaball, Romulus and Remus founded Rome-icon Romeball and thus Ancient Rome was born as a kingdom.

Either way they were definitively NOT Greek when "Romeball" was just a group of little villages on the Tiber.

Meanwhile, Southern Italy was getting settled by Ancient Greece-icon Ancient Greeceball, Carthage-icon Carthageball and Phoeniciaball while Northern part was mainly inhabited by Gaul-icon Gaulish tribes.

The Roman Kingdom and Republic

Ancient Romeball born as a kingdom ruled by Sabines and Etruscan kings. During this period, Ancient Romeball slowly conquered all Central Italy. After the last king got exiled from the city, Etruscanball got into a war against Ancient Romeball. The result was the acquisition of Tuscany-icon Etruria by the Romans. They learned a lot from these Etruscanballs: religious sacrifices, early Roman military structure, and even the toga - yeah, the Roman toga was an Etruscan invention.

Meanwhile, various wars against Magna Graeciaball and Greek Syracuseball lead Ancient Romeball to control almost all the Italian peninsula.

Ancient Romeball, then, became a republic where two co-leaders were elected for a year only. During this period the various Punic Wars and the expansion against Gaul-icon Gaulball lead Ancient Romeball to become the dominating power of the Ancient Known World. Dacia-icon Daciaball and Ancient Greece-icon Ancient Greeceball were annexed too during this period.

The Romans took a long time to conquer Ancient Greeceball, and in the process, the Romans adopted Greek painting, sculpture, philosophy, historiography, and even religion.

The Ancient Romeballs never became Greekballs though. There were things about the Ancient Romeballs that never changed: The Greekballs loved ideas, the Romeballs were practical, in what many historians call a "rustic Italian" way. If they learned something from the Greekballs, they figured out a way to turn it into something that could be useful to the Empire. Roads, aqueducts, arches, are all good examples.

The Romeballs did not try to spread Greek language in their Empire. They spread Latin. It was only in the already Hellenized East that they accepted the use of Greek, and this was mainly due to the existing tax collection systems created by the Hellenistic kingdomballs that had been conquered by them.

The Romeballs never saw Odysseus, Achilles or Heracles like their "mythological heroes". No, they chose Aneas, a demigod who was the enemy of the Greek mythologic heroes. Historically, the Romeballs saw themselves in many ways better than the Greekballs, and Aeneas was the perfect symbol for that supremacy.

During the First Century BC, the republican government was highly corrupted and so the Principality was instituted after Ceasar won the civil war. The Principality became known as Empire only later.

Meanwhile, Ancient Romeball managed to annex Herodiancube, Bosporan Kingdomball, and Armenia-icon Ancient Armeniaball and to partially defeat Parthia-icon Parthiaball, and emperor Trajan helped the SPQRball to reach its height. After he died, Hadrian came to the throne and put the SPQRball's focus on defense. The SPQRball then stagnated.

But in the Third Century CE, SPQR was pretty unstable and Sasanian Empireball invades and is defeated by Odenathus, but then the Gaul-icon Gallic Empireball and Palmyrene Empireball manage to secede for a bit.

Christianism and death

As we all know, in 33 AD a Israel-icon Jewish hippie died and thus Chalcedonism-icon Christianism born. Firstly, Ancient Romeball persecuted it due to Hellenism-icon Hellenismball being the main religion but in the Fourth Century, Ancient Romeball converted to Chalcedonism-icon Chalcedonismball.

  • Hi, I live in the Roman Empire and I was wondering- Is Loving Jesus Legal Yet??
  • SPQR-icon SPQRball: Non... Actually, Okay bene! (said Constantine)

During this period, the Empire got split into Western Roman Empire-icon Western Roman Empireball and Byzantine-icon Eastern Roman Empireball to reduce the Germania-icon Germanic migrants that were threatening to destroy the Empire, what they later did in 476 with Western Roman Empire-icon Western Roman Empireball.

Byzantine-icon Byzantineball, instead, survived until 1453 when Ottoman-icon Ottomanball finally conquered the last Roman city. Constantinople



  • SPQR-icon Alba Longaball - Meum (my) main parent.
  • Ancient Greece-icon Ancient Greeceball - Meum second (adoptive) parent.
  • Byzantine-icon Byzantineball - Filius (Son), unfortunately, he does not like the Latine language and decided that he would speak only the Graecus language, but this est because of his grandparent, Ancient Greeceball
  • Western Roman Empire-icon Western Roman Empireball: Filius, He unlike his fratris (brother) likes the Latine language and speaks it, many of meum grandkids speak there own type of Latine, bonum (good) job filius.                                                                                             



SPQRball and part of his family.

  • Greece-icon Greeceball: My smart grandson. He is son of Byzantium but kıcked by some barbarians. Who.. who? Kebabs? What is it? Turks??!? You kılled by Turks, sons of Xiongnu??? Hun-icon Shame on you! I expected yuo to kıll them but failed. But he invented democracy!!!! He helped maths to grow!! Uhmm... But now he is very very very poor. I hope he will recover himself.
  • Italy-icon Italyball: The filius of Western Roman Empireball. dare gloriam, yet grandchild. He created his own version of the Latine language... the Italian language. He has great cuisine, just like me! His food est of international recognition, especially pizza and pasta, and his clay est rich in meum historia having inherited the Italian Peninsula where meum capital Romeball and most of meum historia happened and he have great cult.
  • France-icon Franceball: Meum another Grandchild. She is sister of Italyball. Also created her own version of the Latine language... the French language. She has great cultura, just like me! She est the most visited countryball in the mundus, vero a pillar of civilization like Ego was a pillar of civilization in the mundus antiquorum! Her food est also well known: baguette, croissant. Just like me she cannot decide between Imperium or Res Publica. In the end she settled for Res Publica while Ego settled for Imperium.
  • Romania-icon Romaniaball: Meum Eastern European grandchild. He speaks his own version of Latine, Romanian. He est the fratris of Franceball, Italyball and cognata of Greeceball. He has great corruptioni, just like me! umm... ok... that's not bonum... He est the closest in grammar to me! Preserving certain features of Vulgar Latine that other Romance languages lost, such as three genders (Masculine, Feminine and Neuter) and all six Latine cases. His food est mostly traditional but bonum: mici, mămăligă. YOU ARE NOT DACIAN YOU ARE LATIN!!!
  • Sardinia-icon Sardiniaball: He est Italy's younger fratris and est meum grandchildren that Ego interested in. Ego interested in the language he speaks... it's close to Latine, the language that Ego used to speak. Grandson, Ego applaud tu for keeping a language that est almost close to mine even though it has been extinct. Hope you get along with your fratres.
  • Spain-icon Spainball and Portugal-icon Portugalball: Born during between Western Roman Empireball, Gauls and Visigoths. Also speaks their own version of Latine... the Spanish and Portuguese language. They had great Imperiums, just like me! Because of them Ego have great legatum under the form of most spoken languages in America Meridionalis! They also have great food just like me and their fratres! Paella, Tapas, Tortilla for Spainball. Bacalhau, Broa de Avintes for Portugalball



  • 1-icon (division) Hanball - Hey! Thanks for your silks to me and thus trade with me! * Althought he let Xiongnu come!!!!*


How to draw

  1. Draw a circle filled with red
  2. Draw SPQR in the middle using gold and add a laurel wreath of the same color
  3. Draw eyes and you're finished
  4. Recommended, but not necessary, draw a galea or a laurel wreath


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