Russian SFSRball was the main, the largest, most populous, and most economically developed soviet socialist republic of the USSRball. The capital is Moscowball.


In 1917, Russian Empireball was overthrown by Sovietball. Sovietball then bought some of Russiaball's sons new clothes that were red, had designs and had the Hammer & Sickle.

In 1942, Sovietball gave guns to his sons including Russian SFSRball to fight Nazi Germanyball.

In 1944, h was defeat evil invader and become star of propaganda films, usually those forced upon balticballs.

In 1961, Russia SFSRball went into space.

In 1991, Sovietball died and Russian SFSRball bought new clothes to wear and changed his name to Russiaball.



  • NATO-icon NATOball- We will not join you ever and ever. I am of angry. I am not of capitalismings.
  • USA-icon USAball- You never exist as an capitalist country, If you really want me to kill you then we'll fight!
  • UK-icon UKball- Guess again, You motherfucker. The London is the worst. Never forget the Cold War, You nerd.
  • France-icon Franceball- Это ты разорвал мой город Москва! Мы построим стену, и вы никогда не попадете в СССР. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (You are the one that nuked my city Moscow! We will build a wall and you will never got USSR. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball- Oh you are the worst! We will bomb Aydın and İzmir. We will bomb your every province! WE WILL BOMB YOUR CAPITAL ANKARA TOO! We are also executing your citizens with force. IS THIS ALL YOU WANTED, HA! Why we are bombing your cities then? Because you are not a fucking communist. WE WILL BOMB ISTANBUL TOO! We almost burnt your cinema center in Aydın. And now we are going to take you to West German- Wait, West Germany is capitalist too. I WILL KILL YOU! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
  • Israel-icon Israelcube- Same story as Turkey.
  • Germany-icon West Germanyball- Berlin is not your capital. Also you are not communist!
  • Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball- WAR WAGES ON!!! AND IT IS THE END FOR YOU! Hitler deserved a death! Worst nightmare! Never forget 1945!


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