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Romaniaball is a vampire is a countryball in Southeastern Europe. His girlfriend is Moldova-icon Moldovaball. He is also obsessed with removing Gypsy-icon Gypsyball from his clay as it is often seen in the comics arguing with Gypsyballs.

Personality Edit

He is more nationalist than other countryballs, usually not the bad type of nationalism where he hates other nations and cultures becuase of it but the good type of nationalism where he is proud of his heritage dispite being a medium countryball.

He is one of the most religious countryballs in europe, Vatican-icon Vaticanball has a great opinion of him, which is unusual considering he's not of Catholic-icon Catholicball.
Polandball modern history of Romania03:38

Polandball modern history of Romania

He is often ingenous, having great adaptability and being known for the unusual solutions he finds for problems. Working with Romania-icon Romaniaball will almost always mean a solution will be found, sometimes unexpected, sometimes unorthodox, to any problems that may arise.

If Poland-icon Polandball cannot into space and Estonia-icon Estoniaball cannot into nordic, Romania-icon Romaniaball cannot into less corrupt.

Like Serbia-icon Serbiaball and Slovakia-icon Slovakiaball, he hates Hungary-icon Hungaryball often fighting or arguing with him in comics, but this is not always the case, in spite of their differences they can into friends.

His best friend is Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball, they help each other a lot, and Serbia-icon Serbiaball is also a good friend that he never got into conflict with.

Accomplishments Edit

  1. Romania is the leader in Europe, and 6th in the world, in terms of the number of certified IT specialists.
  2. Romania is the 5th country in the world and 2nd in Europe in terms of internet connection speed, using only fiber optic cable, being surpassed by Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan, while the United States is the 14th.
  3. Romania is one of the world's most skilled and infamous countries in cybernetics and security information and according to CIA more dangerous than Russia and America. A lot of Anonymous members were Romanians (some may still be, we don't know). Romanian hacker 'Gucifer' hacked George Bush's emails as well as Hillary’s private emails then posted them on WikiLeaks, Romanian hacker 'Tinkode' hacked the Pentagon not to harm or anything just to see if he can, Romanian hacker 'Iceman' hacked NASA servers and even left them a message: "I hacked your server and secured it. Contact me at: email address" as he thought NASA would give him a job (but they only gave him a fine). Not all of them are white (legal with a job) or grey hats (illegal but mean no harm) though, some want to take the shortest road towards a good life so they turn into criminals, yearly billion of dollars are stolen by Romanian hackers.
  4. Romania was one of the first countries that introduced the car in circulation and that organized car races.
  5. In 1330, 10.000 poorly armed Romanian peasants defeated 30.000 well equipped Hungarian soldiers earning their independence.
  6. In 1395, Wallachian (Romanian) ruler Mircea the Old made the Principality of Wallachia the first country to solely defeat the Ottoman Empire in a battle in which the sultan participated in person. 12.000 Romanian Soldiers defeated 40.000 Ottoman Soldies.
  7. Dracula is based on the Romanian medieval prince Vlad Dracul also known as Vlad the Impaler, who used to impale Turks and eat next to their bodies, in spite of his sadic tendencies he was a just ruler loved by the people, he was no vampire but his body was never found so people began telling stories, he lived: 1431 - Present.
  8. In 1502, Stephen the Great fought 36 battles against the Ottoman Empire, only losing 2 of them. He also asked all European Christian nations to join him in a new crusade against the Ottoman Empire, but nobody joined as they were too busy fighting each other.
  9. In 1857, Bucharest became the first european city to be illuminated with kerosene.
  10. In 1886, at the age of 5, musician George Enescu had concerted in front of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph. Enescu was accepted at the Vienna Conservatory at the age of 7, even though the minimum age for entry was 10.
  11. In 1976, Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast to score perfect 10 as well as the youngest person ever to win an Olympic Gold Medal in gymnastics, being 14 years old.
  12. The Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuşi is the most important sculptor of the 20th century.

History Edit

Ancient Era Edit

SPQR-icon SPQRball and Dacia-icon Daciaball are his grandparents (or parents). They fought each other from 101 A.D. to 102 A.D. and from 105 A.D. to 106 A.D. when eventually SPQRball won and conquered Daciaball.

After the conquest SPQR-icon SPQRball gave clay to veterans who were serving there at the time of their discharge and colonists from all over the empire to romanize and integrate the region into the SPQR-icon Roman Empire, many Dacia-icon Daciaball men dying in the war also helped.

Between 271 A.D. and 275 A.D. SPQRball administration left Daciaball, which was invaded afterwards by the Goths. The Goths mixed with the local people until the 4th century, when a nomadic people, Hunball, arrived. Gepidsball and the Avars and their Slavic subjects ruled Transylvaniaball until the 8th century.

At this time the people who would become the Romanians (at that time Daco-Romans) were mostly farmers and shepherds who were allowed to live in peace and rule themselves as long as they paid tribute (half of everything you produce), as the migratory tribes had no interest in agriculture themselves.

The Pechenegs, Cumaniaball and Uzes were also on Romaniaball territory, until (with support from Kingdom of Hungary-icon Kingdom of Hungaryball who also had plans to annex the clay as their own by using the natives and making them their vassals, needless to say this backfired) the founding of Wallachiaball, in the south, by Basarab I around 1310 in the High Middle Ages, and Moldaviaball, in the east, by Dragoş around 1352. Most of the peasants became serfs (halfway between slaves and freemen). They were ruled over by aristocrats called boyars ("boieri" in Romanian).

Medieval Era Edit

Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball and Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball are his parents. In 1330 Basarab I revolted against Kingdom of Hungary-icon Kingdom of Hungaryball and Wallachiaball became independent after the battle of Posada where 10.000 poorly armed Romanian peasants defeated 30.000 well equipped Hungarian soldiers. And Moldaviaball became independent in 1359 after Bogdan I the Founder revolted against Dragoş and the Kingdom of Hungary-icon Kingdom of Hungaryball.

Then during the 15th century a new threat came from the south - Ottoman-icon kebab. Both Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball and Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball fought kebab for most of their history with periods of freedom and suzeranity when they had to pay tribute to kebab. And a love - hate relationship with Kingdom of Hungary-icon Kingdom of Hungaryball and Kingdom of Poland-icon Kingdom of Polandball who sometimes helped them and sometimes invaded or raided them. And sometimes they were under kebab so they had to fight them.

Vlad the Impaler lived at that time and ruled Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball between 1456 - 1462. Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball's ruler during 1457 - 1504, Stephen the Great, had an impressive win-lose ratio against kebab of 34 victories and 2 loses.

Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball is his uncle or daughter with Kingdom of Hungaryball (whom Romania-icon Romaniaball ate in 1918). By this time he was under Kingdom of Hungary-icon Kingdom of Hungaryball.

He tried to unite in 1601 but his neighbours didn't wanted. Michael the Brave became prince of Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball in 1593, removed kebab in 1595, became prince of Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball in 1599 and prince of Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball in 1600. However he was assassinated in 1601 and the union ended.

In the 17th century, Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball and Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball came to be dominated by Ottoman-icon kebab. And in the 18th century they had puppet rulers under kebab control.

In 1683, Ottoman-icon kebab was removed at the battle of Vienna and Austrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball took Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball. Although some of its people were Magyars or Germans most were Romanian peasants. Their harsh treatment led to a rebellion led by 3 sherfs called: Horea, Cloxa, Crisan. The rebellion failed but in 1785 Austrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball abolished serfdom in Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball.

In the 19th century, Ottoman-icon kebab still dominated Wallachiaball and Moldaviaball. However kebab was weakening and in 1821 Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball and Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball had no longer puppet rulers under kebab control.

Modern Era Edit

In 1857, a plebiscite of the Great Powers in Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball and Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball showed that the people wanted the union of the two countries under a prince from a foreign dynasty. In a congress held in Paris in 1858, the Great Powers decided to allow a hybrid union and created a constitution known as The Convention from Paris.

According to it, they will be known as United Principalities-icon United Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachiaball but had to have sepparate institiutions. Only two official institutions were common. The same convention stated that the army was going to keep its old flags, with the addition of a blue ribbon on each.

Then on 5 January 1859, colonel Alexander Ioan Cuza was elected prince of Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball. And on 24 January 1859, Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball decided to elect the same man as their prince. Thus the Romanians fulfilled the rules of the convention and United Principalities-icon United Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachiaball was born (Nowdays 24 January is a national holiday in Romania-icon Romaniaball called The Small Union)."Today, your chosen gives you a single Romania!" - Alexander Ioan Cuza

After the union Alexander Ioan Cuza carried out reforms including abolishing serfdom, and the official institutions started to be unified, one by one. In 1862 in the country's name was changed in the United Principalities-icon United Principalities of Romaniaball formally, or Romaniaball informally and in official speeches.

This was a delicate choice but eventually in 1863 Ottoman-icon kebab recognised this double election and thus union, but only as long as Alexander Ioan Cuza lived.

However Alexander Ioan Cuza was unpopular with conservatives and in 1866 he was overthrown. This time a prince from a foreign dynasty, prince Carol, replaced him. Kebab wanted Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball and Moldavia-icon Moldovaball to be separate again, but due to Alexander Ioan Cuza's reforms and prince Carol's support from France-icon Franceball (protect little brother reasons) and Kingdom of Prussia-icon Kingdom of Prussiaball (Carol was German reasons) the Ottoman-icon kebab couldn't remove United Principalities-icon Romaniaball. In 1866 the country's name was changed again in simply Romaniaball, both formally and informally.

In 1877, Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball needed to cross United Principalities-icon Romaniaball to fight Ottoman-icon kebab, but crossing Romaniaball clay without their perimission would anger France-icon Franceball and Kingdom of Prussia-icon Kingdom of Prussiaball, so they had to compromise with Romaniaball and offered them a deal to fight side by side against kebab in exchange for independence. After the war Ottoman-icon kebab was removed, this time for good, and Romaniaball became independent.

In 1881, Romaniaball was no longer a principality, it became Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of Romaniaball with Carol I his king.

World Wars Edit

In the Great War, he joined the Allied side, receiving Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball from the defeated Hungary-icon Hungaryball following the Treaty of Trianon in 1920. Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball decided to join Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of Romaniaball on 1 December 1918 at the end of the great war, but Hungary-icon Hungaryball couldn't accept this so he attacked Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of Romaniaball to take back Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball starting the Hungarian-Romanian war where Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of Romaniaball kicked Hungary-icon Hungaryball asses again, gg easy, and kept Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball. It was only after the war that Hungary-icon Hungaryball signed the Treaty of Trianon where they accepted the loss of the lands and recognised Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball as Romanian territory. (Nowdays 1 December is the national day of Romania-icon Romaniaball called The Great Union)World War 2 destroyed Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of Romaniaball.

In 1939, the war started but he was neutral, France-icon Franceball and UK-icon UKball promised that Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball won't lose clay. But France-icon Franceball was defeated by Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball and UK-icon UKball forgot his promise (asshole).

In 1940, his territorial gains following World War I were largely undone. After a Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball ultimatum, Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of Romaniaball agreed to give up Bessarabiaball and Northern Bukovinaball. Shortly after, Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball mediated a compromise between Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of Romaniaball and the Kingdom of Hungary-icon Kingdom of Hungaryball where they gave Transylvania-icon Northern Transylvaniaball to Kingdom of Hungary-icon Kingdom of Hungaryball. After that, under the Treaty of Craiova, Southern Dobrujaball (which Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball lost during the Second Balkan War in 1913), was ceded to Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball under pressure from Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball.

Two thirds of Bessarabiaball were combined with a small part of the Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball named Moldavian ASSRball and became Moldavian SSRball. The rest (Northern Bukovina, northern half of the Hotin county and Budjak) was apportioned to Ukraine-icon Ukrainian SSRball.

Right after the loss of Transylvania-icon Northern Transylvaniaball, Ion Antonescu united to form a "National Legionary State" government, which forced the abdication of King Carol II in favor of his 19-year-old son Michael. Carol and his mistress Magda Lupescu went into exile, and Romania-icon Romaniaball, despite the unfavorable outcome of recent territorial disputes, leaned strongly toward the Axis. As part of the deal, the Iron Guard became the sole legal party in Romania-icon Romaniaball. Antonescu became the Iron Guard's honorary leader, while Sima became deputy premier. In power, the Iron Guard stiffened the already harsh anti-Semitic legislation, enacted legislation directed against minority businessmen, tempered at times by the willingness of officials to take bribes, and wreaked vengeance upon its enemies.

On 8 October Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball troops began crossing into Romania-icon Romaniaball. They soon numbered over 500,000. On 23 November Romania-icon Romaniaball joined the Axis powers. The cohabitation between the Iron Guard and Antonescu was never an easy one. On 20 January 1941, the Iron Guard attempted a coup, combined with a pogrom against the Jews of Bucharest. Within four days, Antonescu had successfully suppressed the coup. The Iron Guard was forced out of the government. Sima and other legionnaires took refuge in Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball; others were imprisoned. Antonescu abolished the National Legionary State, in its stead declaring Romania a "National and Social State."

On 22 June 1941, Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball launched Operation Barbarossa, attacking the Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball on a wide front. Romania-icon Romaniaball joined the offensive crossing the river Prut. After recovering Bessarabiaball and Northern Bukovinaball (Operation München), Romania-icon Romaniaball fought side by side with Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball onward to Odessa, Sevastopol, Stalingrad and the Caucasus.

The total number of troops involved on the Eastern Front with the Romanian Third Army and the Romanian Fourth Army was second only to that of Nazi Germany itself. The Romanian Army had a total of 686,258 men under arms in the summer of 1941 and a total of 1,224,691 men in the summer of 1944. The number of Romanian troops sent to fight in The Soviet Union exceeded that of all of Germany's other allies combined.

In February 1943, with the decisive Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball counter-offensive at Stalingrad, it was growing clear that the tide of the war turned against the Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball. By 1944, Romania-icon Romaniaball economy was in tatters because of the expenses of the war, and destructive Allied air bombing throughout Romania-icon Romaniaball, including the capital, Bucharestball. In addition, most of the products sent to Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball were provided without monetary compensation. As a result of these "uncompensated exports", inflation in Romania-icon Romaniaball skyrocketed, causing widespread discontent among the Romanian population, even among groups and individuals who had once enthusiastically supported Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball and the war.

On 23 August 1944, King Michael of Romania led a coup against Axis with support from opposition politicians and most of the army, successfully deposing the Antonescu dictatorship. The King then offered a non-confrontational retreat to Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball ambassador Manfred von Killinger. But the Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball considered the coup "reversible" and attempted to turn the situation around by military force. The Romanian First, Second (forming), and what little was left of the Third and the Fourth Armies (one corps) were under orders from the King to defend Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball against any Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball attacks.

King Michael offered to put the Romanian Army, which at that point had nearly 1,000,000 men, on the side of the Allies. Surprisingly, with Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball occupying parts of Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball, Stalin immediately recognized the king and the restoration of the conservative Romanian monarchy.

In a radio broadcast to the Romanian nation and army on the night of 23 August King Michael issued a cease-fire, proclaimed Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball's loyalty to the Allies, announced the acceptance of an armistice (to be signed on September 12) offered by UK-icon UKball, USA-icon USAball, and Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball, and declared war on Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball.

The coup accelerated Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball advance into Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball, but did not avert a rapid occupation and Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball captured about 130,000 Romanian soldiers, who were transported to Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball clay where many died in prison camps.

The armistice was signed on 12 September 1944, on terms virtually dictated by Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball. Under the terms of the armistice, Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball announced its unconditional surrender to Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball and was placed under occupation of the Allies with Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball as their representative, in control of media, communication, post, and civil administration behind the front.

It has been suggested that the coup may have shortened World War II by up to six months, thus saving hundreds of thousands of lives. During the Moscow Conference in October 1944 Winston Churchill of UK-icon UKball proposed an agreement to Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball leader Joseph Stalin on how to split up Eastern Europe into spheres of influence after the war. UK-icon Assholeball offered Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball a 90% share of influence in Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball.

As he declared war on Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball on the night of 23 August 1944, border clashes between Kingdom of Hungary-icon Hungaryball and Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball troops erupted almost immediately.

On 24 August Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball troops attempted to seize Bucharestball and suppress Michael's coup, but were repelled by the city's defenses, which received some support from USA-icon USAball Air Force (good guy USAball, not like his asshole dad who forgot his promise and then sold us).

Other Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball units in the country suffered severe losses: remnants of the Sixth Army retreating west of the Prut River were cut off and destroyed by Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball, which was now advancing at an even greater speed, while Romanian units attacked German garrisons at the Ploiești oilfields, forcing them to retreat to Kingdom of Hungary-icon Hungaryball. Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball captured over 50,000 Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball prisoners around this time, who were later surrendered to Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball.

In early September, Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball and Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball entered Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball and captured the towns of Brașov and Sibiu while advancing toward the Mureș River. Their main objective was Clujball, a city regarded as the historical capital of Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball. However, the Second Hungarian Army was present in the region, and together with the Eighth German Army engaged the Allied forces on 5 September in what was to become the Battle of Turda, which lasted until 8 October and resulted in heavy casualties for both sides.

Also around this time, Kingdom of Hungary-icon Hungaryball carried out his last independent offensive action of the war, penetrating Arad County in western Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball. Despite initial success, a number of Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball cadet battalions managed to stop the Kingdom of Hungary-icon Hungaryball advance at the Battle of Păuliș, and soon a combined Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball - Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball counter-attack overwhelmed Kingdom of Hungary-icon Hungaryball, who gave ground and evacuated Arad itself on 21 September. Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball ended the war fighting against Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball alongside Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball in Transylvania-icon Transylvaniaball, Kingdom of Hungary-icon Hungaryball, Panslavic-icon Yugoslaviaball, Austria-icon Austriaball and Czech-icon Czechoslovakiaball, from August 1944 until the end of the war in Europe.

In May 1945, the First and Fourth armies took part in the Prague Offensive. The Romanian Army incurred heavy casualties fighting Nazi Germany. Of some 538,000 Romanian soldiers who fought against the Axis in 1944 - 45, some 167,000 were killed, wounded or went missing.

After the war, under the 1947 Treaty of Paris, the Allies did not acknowledge Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball as a co-belligerent nation but instead applied the term "ally of Hitlerite Germany" to all recipients of the treaty's stipulations. Like Finland-icon Finlandball, Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball had to pay $300 million to the Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball as war reparations. However, the treaty recognized that Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball switched sides on 24 August 1944, and therefore "acted in the interests of all the United Nations". As a reward, Transylvania-icon Northern Transylvaniaball was, once again, recognized as an integral part of Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball, but the border with the Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball was fixed at its state on January 1941, restoring Bessarabiaball and Northern Bukovinaball to Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball.

In Kingdom of Romania-icon Romaniaball, Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball occupation following World War II facilitated the rise of the Communist Party as the main political force, leading ultimately to the forced abdication of the King and the establishment of a single-party people's republic in 1947.

☭ Communism ☭Edit

Romania-icon Romaniaball was the last country from Eastern Bloc to become communist.

Between 1948 and 1950, he hunted down and arrested all the democrats and legionaries from his clay. In 1965, Nicolae Ceausescu became the leader of Romania-icon Romaniaball.

Romaniaball became powerful and more independent than other puppet state of Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball.

In 1968, he and Albania-icon Albaniaball didn't want to attack Czech-icon Czechoslovakiaball. Soviet Union wanted to annex him but USA-icon USAball had his support. Romania became good friends with North Korea-icon North Koreaball and China-icon Chinaball and started making trading with the west.


After taking some money for building The People's House (nowadays House of Parliment), Romania-icon Romaniaball had to pay to UN-icon UNball 11 billion dollars.

Fammine had starded, every one had problems with electricity and hot water was nearly imposible.

After falling of Berlin Wall and Fall of Warsaw Pact, Romania-icon Romaniaball was the only communist country in Warsaw Pact (exept for the Soviet Union).

On 16 december 1989, Lasló Trókes said bad things about the regime and he needed to be exiled, but people revolted simmilar to the French Revolution. On 22 December 1989, after fighting on the streets, the army sides with the democrats.

Ceausescu and his wife were executed and Romania-icon Romaniaball became democratic. Romania-icon Romaniaball had the bloodiest revolution in 1989 with 1104 deaths and many wounded.

Present DayEdit

Romaniaball had it's new constitution in 1991 when Moldova-icon Moldovaball became democratic.

After two mineriades (revots of miners), in 1996 Romaniaball had a better president and started relations with USA-icon USAball. After 9/11 Romaniaball supported USAball in his wars.

In 2004 he entered NATO-icon NATOball and in 2007 entered with Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball in EU-icon EUball.

He was becoming corrupt, but in 30 October 2015 the Colectiv Club fire happend (64 deaths, four of five members from the band that sang died too, over 200 wounded, a hope destroyed) many people went on the street and revolted against the goverment. It had success for a while and Romaniaball became the fastest growing economy of europe.

In February 2017, the new gouverment from the same f***** party (Social-Democrat) wanted to forgive some of the corrupt politicians that are in jail and eliberate them. Over 600.000 people revolted against the goverment. Fortunately the law was abrogated but the same people are in power.



  • Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball - Best friend. We have good relations and both remove kebab. Thanks for supporting me in the anti-corruption fight.
  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball - Good friend. Never got into a conflict, we both are orthodox and like removing kebab. But stop opressing romanians from Timoc, please!
  • Armenia-icon Armeniaball & Greece-icon Greeceball - Good friends as well, as they are also orthodox and like removing kebab.
  • Poland-icon Polandball - Good friends, but he likes stupid Hungary too much.
  • Slovakia-icon Slovakiaball - He is a good friend. Helps me remove Hungary (hates Hungary more than me and Serbia combined). Also has problem with gypsies.
  • Czech-icon Czechiaball - Awesome beer drinker. Also I like his Śkoda and he likes Dacia. Never forget 1968.
  • Moldova-icon Moldovaball - My cute girlfriend. But fuck Igor Dodon. He is Russian idiot.
  • Italy-icon Italyball - Best brother. We were born both in 19th century and we are corrupt. Pizza is awesome and he likes mititei. Thank for taking care of my cousin, uncle, aunt, the other cousin, the sister from Torino, the other sister from Milano and so on...
  • USA-icon USAball - We're bros. I'm in his NATO-icon NATO alliance. He also helps me with military stuff. Also we like to protest, me against Dragnea, he against Trump.
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Good friends and nice trading partners.
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - They donated an Antarctic station to us!
  • Japan-icon Japanball - I like their Anime and Sushi.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - I like their k-pop and k-dramas.

Neutral (Frenemies) Edit

  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - Kebab invaded my ancestors. But we can into Friends we both hate Russia. Also he has beautiful resorts. Also thanks for Shaworma and Kebabs. And he likes Hagi.
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball - The evil bozgor. Will not stop complaining about Trianon, even though was almost 100 years ago. Also he is trying to rob my clay. But we can into friends we both hate Kebabs and immigrants. Although we should hate each other, we don't always do.
  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball - We both hate Russia but he stubborn as fuck and threatens to destroy delta fauna with his stupid Bystroye Canal dispite EUball telling him to stop. GIB BACK BUCEAG AND CERNĂUTI.
  • France-icon Franceball - Annoying gay brother big sister, sometimes makes fun of me because of Gypsy-icon Gypsyball and poverty, but she helps me with economy. (FRANCE WE ARE NOT FUCKING GYPSIES, IF WE ARE GYPSIES YOU ARE ENGLISH)
  • UK-icon UKball - Asshole. In World War 2 you forgot your promise that you won't allow Nazi or Soviet to rob my clay and then you sold me to Soviet. But we can into kinda friends as we constantly humiliate you stealing your jobs, including your high paying jobs. Of course, Romaniaball steals your jobs, but maybe, if someone without contacts or money can steal your jobs, you're a moron.
  • China-icon Chinaball - I like Chinese Food and but sends me shit cheap products.


  • Gypsy-icon Gypsyball - Ahh... idiot embarrass me and an arch enemy, because this parasite is infecting my country! But Connect-R (popular pop and hip hop gypsy artist) makes an exception.
  • ISIS-icon fuck face - You kill one Romanian, we will impale all of you. Don't try to attack my capital or Vlad the Impaler will rise.
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Worst country! HE STOLE MOLDOVA AND TURNED ME COMMUNIST! NEVER FORGET 1947. ALSO STOLE 120 TONS OF 24K GOLD AND NEVER GAVE IT BACK. THIEF NATION! (But thanks for the space travel, also Russia we still like you, help us kill Ukraine and get Moldova back)
  • Chad-icon Chadball - Stupid flag stealer, stop using my flag you kebab gypsy!!I swear to God!!
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - Ex-Friend. Made my leader korean and fucked up my beauty. Thanks a lot dumb-ass ! Die in pain.

Family Edit

Family Edit
Cities Edit

Romaniaball has many cities but the most notorious are:

  • Bucarest-icon Bucharestball - My great capital. Many nightclubs, malls and an awesome therme. Like all cities he has a dangerous neighborhood called Ferentari (from FER). Many protests. He is also nicknamed "Little Paris". Good friend with Sofiaball and Belgradeball. Rival of Budapestball. The legend says he was named after a shepherd called Bucur, in love with a young lady called Dâmboviţa (that's the river that crosses the city).
  • Cluj-icon Cluj-Napocaball - Capital of Transylvaniaball. He keeps the most of interwar era buildings in Romania. Home of UNTOLD.
  • Constanțaball - Only big-city with sea acces. With Mamaiaball, his little son, and Costinestiball. With a little help from Old Borderball he makes money from tourism and overseas transportation. Many Islams, Greeks and Russians here, but they live in peace. Good friend with Istanbulball, Varnaball and Thessalonikiball.
  • Iașiball - Capital of Moldova (not Beserrabia). Very cultural and nice. Good friend with Chișinăuball.
  • Sibiuball - European Capital of Culture in 2007. Many historic buildings. Also the first prototype of space rockets (somewhere around 1500-1600). Home of Scandia Sibiu, the best pateu in Romania.
  • Timișoaraball - My Prague. Home of the Revolution and the most liberal city in Romania. Soon European Capital of Culture in 2021. Good friend with Novi Sadball.
  • Brașovball - The city between the mountains. Many ski resorts in the area and the Biggest Catholic Church in Eastern Europe. Also look for the Brasov sign on the mountain, just like in Hollywood, near Bran Castle.
  • Târgovișteball - Old capital. Where Vlad the Impaler ruled. And Ceausescus were killed.
Neighbours Edit
Latin Brothers Edit
Regions Edit

Quotes Edit

  • Zău? (really?).
  • Așa, și?/și ce dacă? (so what?).
  • Pe care (on which) - Romanian grammarnazi's favourite.
  • Vorbești Românește? (Do you speak Romanian?)
  • I-a picat fața! (His face has fallen off) - expression meaning: surprised.
  • Îi sare muștarul (His mustard will jump off) - expression meaning: lose temper.
  • Te aburește (Throws vapors at you) - expression meaning: is trying to fool you.
  • Te baga in ceața (Puts you in the fog) - expression meaning: is fooling you.
  • Vinde gogoși (Sells doughnuts) - expression meaning: lies.
  • Îi pică fisa (His coin drops) - expression meaning: suddenly gets it.
  • Varză (Cabbage) - expression meaning: extremly tierd, low quality.
  • Praf (Dust) - expression meaning: extremly tierd, low quality.
  • Tragi un pui de somn (Pull a chick of sleep) - expression meaning: sleep for a short duration.
  • Scoți din pepeni (Drive out of watermelons) - expression meaning: drive nuts.
  • La mama naibii (At the devil's mother) - expression meaning: far away.
  • Dus cu pluta (Gone on a raft) - expression meaning: crazy.
  • Freca menta (Rubbing the mint) - expression meaning: wasting time.
  • Tai frunze la câini (Cutting leaves at the dogs) - expression meaning: wasting time.
  • Plimbă ursul (Walk the bear) - expression meaning: go away.
  • Are un morcov în fund (Has a carrot in the a*s) - expression meaning: is nervous.
  • Te îmbeți cu apă rece (Get drunk with cold water) - expression meaning: fool yourself.
  • Mergi pe mâna mea (Walk on my hand) - expression meaning: trust me.
  • Tufă de Veneția (Venice bush) - expression meaning: stupid.
  • Beton (Concrete) - expression meaning: cool.
  • Își bagă picioarele (Sticks his feets in) - expression meaning: calls it quits.
  • Sugativă (Blotting paper) - expression meaning: drunkard.
  • Floare la ureche (Flower at ear) - expression meaning: easy.
  • Ca cioara la ciolan (Stare like the crow at the bone) - expression meaning: confused.
  • Minte creață (Curly mind) - expression meaning: unusual ideas.

How to draw Edit

Drawing Romaniaball is simple.

  1. Draw the basic circle shap and divide it into three vertical stripes.
  2. Colour the stripes respectively of these colours: blue, yellow, red.
  3. Draw two eyes, fill them with white and you've finished.

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