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Ridalaball is a parishball of Estoniaball.


Ridalaball was founded in 1030 by Kingdom of Swedenball and later adopted by United Baltic Duchyball, Russian Empireball, Sovietball and Estoniaball.

Estonia-icon Nordic Republic of Estoniaball Estonia-icon
Counties Harju-icon Harjuball (Tallinn-icon Tallinnball) • Hiiu-icon HiiuballIda-Viru-icon Ida-ViruballJõgeva-icon JõgevaballJärva-icon JärvaballLääne-icon LääneballLääne-Viru-icon Lääne-ViruballPõlva-icon PõlvaballPärnu-icon PärnuballRapla-icon RaplaballSaare-icon SaareballTartu-icon TartuballValga-icon ValgaballViljandi-icon ViljandiballVõru-icon Võruball
Former entities 2-icon Ancient BalticsSlavs-icon SlavsballCross-icon Terra MarianaballDuchy of Estonia-icon Danish EstoniaballDuchy of Estonia-icon Duchy of Estoniaball (1561-1721)Governorate of Estonia-icon Governorate of EstoniaballUnited Baltic Duchy-icon United Baltic DuchyballNazi Estonia-icon Nazi EstoniaballEstonian SSR-icon Estonian SSRball (Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball)

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