Rhodesball is an island of Greeceball.


Rhodesball began its life as an Ancient Greeceball. It was invaded by Cyprusball, but managed to beat him off. Rhodesball built the Colossus of Rhodes to celebrate the victory. After this Rhodesball frequently changed. It joined SPQRball and later Byzantineball. Rhodesball became a kebab remover for a short time as the Knights of Rhodesball, but the kebab removal urge left Rhodesball and went to Maltaball. Ottomanball took over Rhodesball for a long time, before it went to Kingdom of Greeceball. Kingdom of Italyball kidnapped Rhodesball and kept it until 1944. It then finally went back to Greeceball which it now regrets because Greeceball doesn't understand the concept of debt. Its now getting the kebab removal urge again.