Rashidunball was the first ever caliphateball and Kebab.

It was a powerful but short-lived empire that can of spreading Islam so quick that no one except some rebels can stop them


  • Sassanid-icon Sassanidball and Byzantine-icon Byzantineball - Convert to Islam-icon Islamball or i will be take yuor clay! Yuo even used elephant corpses and elite forces but yuo can't into beat me. Allah blessed me HAHAHAHAHAHA....!!! Also never of forget the Battle of Yarmouk, where yuo field 200,000 soldiers and we only of field 40,000 soldiers, yet we still of won the battle, infidels!
  • Umayyad-icon Umayyadball - pls stop of revolting!
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - Faker!
  • Timurid Empire-icon Timuridball - pls dont of too cruel, Allah of hate cruel peoples! but thx of kicking those Turks out of our land
  • Mughal-icon Mughalball - thx of spreading Islam with tolerance, but dont too tolerant goddammit!

How to Draw

Rashidunball is the second simplest countryball to draw

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Draw two circles for eyes
  3. Color body black
  4. You are done.


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