Republic of Korea Forcesball, or simply South Korea Militaryball, is a militaryball of South Koreaball.

ROK Armyball

Korea Army

ROK Armyball is in the right with South Koreaball

Republic of Korea Armyball is the army of South Koreaball. ROK Armyball fought in the Korean War,Vietnam War, Iraq War and many more wars

ROK Navyball

Korea marine

ROK Navyball on ship


South Korea West Sea battle

Republic of Korea Navyball is the Navy of South Koreaball. ROK Navyball supported USAball during the War on Terror.

There were three North Korean naval engagement to date.

ROK Marine Corpsball

ROKMCball background

팔각모 사나이

ROK Navyball also has a little brother, ROK Marine Corpsball. His little brother is feared by commieballs his enemies for his ferocity and fighting spirit.


Family, Friends, and Partner

  • South Koreaball - I fight for her
  • USAball - Together, we will remove the stupid north and unify the peninsula under democracy and capitalism!
  • Japanball - well, he hates North Korea. Together, JSDF and I will remove Worse Korea but remember comfort women! Plox apologize! YOU NOT EVEN HAVINGS PROPER MILITARY ANYMORE HARR HARR
  • Australiaball - ally of mine, good place to learn English!
  • New Zealandball - another ally of mine, like Australiaball, but with less emus and better climate!
  • Philippinesball - he fought North and Dim Sum bravely during the Korean War! Willing to assist me.
    Cold War-era ROK militaryball

    ROK Armed Forcesball combat-ready during the Cold War

  • Thailandball - fought during the Korean War
  • UKball
  • NATOball
  • Canadaball
  • Germanyball
  • Israelcube capitalism 오이 베이~
  • Vietnamball - Former enemy during the Vietnam War, is now good ally and think Worse Korea is of annoying and think that he should be removed.

Enemies/Frequent Opponents

  • Japanball - has territorial disputes and still won't apologize for comfort women!
  • Chinaball - sometimes only. He supported my evil brother as we have territorial disputes.
  • Russiaball - territorial disputes
  • Iraqball
  • Iranball
  • North Koreaball - him and the KPA are his worse enemies. BTW, my advanced technology will defeat you all.


USAball ROKball together

ROK Armyball and US Armyball enjoying a ride together


Character/Fact sheet

ROK Armed Forcesball - Copy

ROK Armyball patrolling the DMZ

ROKMCball background

ROK Marine Corpsball infiltrating North Koreaball's coastline

ROK PKOball 1

ROK UN-Peacekeepingball in Lebanonball

Myeolgongtangle shadow

ROK Armed Forcesball transforms into ROK Armed Forcestangle and surprise-anschlusses North Koreaball