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Qing Chinaball, or commonly Qingball, was the last of the 1-icon Dynastic Chinaballs, a dynasty ruled by the Aisin-Gioro house, a non-chinese house. He was strong in the first half of his life, but grew weak towards the end of it, and was eventually killed and succeeded by Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball. I WILL COME BACK AS A NEW FORM XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI

History Edit

Qing Chinaball overthrew 1-icon Ming Dynastyball in 1644. He came down from his home in Manchuriaball and became the last of the 1-icon Dynastic Chinaballs. For the next 150 years, he maintained a fair rule over his clay, producing fine art and poetry, untilin 1795, UK-icon UKball tried to negotiate a deal about trade with him. Qing Chinaball said he had no need for UK-icon UKball's goods, which made UK-icon UKball quite upset.

In the 1820s, UK-icon UKball began selling Qing Chinaball some of British Raj-icon British Indiaball's opium, getting him addicted to it. In 1839, however, Qing Chinaball decided to quit, and dumped UK-icon UKball's opium into Cantion harbour. Enraged, UK-icon UKball declared war on him, and took the island of Hong Kong from him in 1841. The following year, the Treaty of Nanking forced Qing Chinaball to pay him money, and open up trading ports.

In 1859, tensions arose between Qing Chinaball and UKball again. This time, France-icon Franceball helped UK-icon UKball advance into Beijing-icon Beijingball, and burn down Qing Chinaball's Summer Palace in 1860. The resulting Treaty of Tietsin in 1860 saw Qing Chinaball give up more clay to UK-icon UKball's adoptive son, British Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball.

In the 1870s, Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball and Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball both made advances into Qing Chinaball's clay, which grew steadily smaller, and in 1884 France-icon Franceball attacked his southern ports. Qing Chinaball was also distracted by the the Taiping Rebellion, which resulted in lots of people being massacred. As he grew weaker, Qing Chinaball was unable to defend his clay, and was defeated by Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball in 1894-5 at Pyongyang. He tried to modernize his Beiyang fleet, but decided to build himself a new summer palace instead.

In 1900, the 1-icon 1balls were fed up with being defeated by the European balls, so they had the Boxer Rebellion, resulting in Qing Chinaball being beaten up by the Eight-Nation Alliance. He fled Peking for Xi'an, and finally died in 1911, after being murdered by Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball, who had become sick of his incompetence at ruling.


Friends: Edit


How to draw Edit

  1. Color the basic circle shape of yellow
  2. Draw a blue dragon with mustache and white claws.
  3. Draw a red sun nearly the eye
  4. Draw the slant-eyes and you've finished



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