Pretoriaball is a city of South Africaball. He is the capital along with 2 other cities, but he serves as the administrative capital, as well as being the most populous. Pretoriaball is known as the "Jacaranda City" because he decided to put 50,000 trees of this species on his clay. Pretoriaball shares a lot of things with his brother Johannesburgball 55km down the road. However, he does not have to share the capital with him, but shares it with 2 of his other brothers.


Pretoriaball born as a 8ball, adopted by South African Republicball (aka Transvaalball), British Empireball, Union of South Africaball and South Africaball.


  1. South Africaball - I can into capital!
  2. Johannesburgball - WE'RE BROTHERS! Ever since we were young, we've had to share. Good thing he's the provincial capital.
  3. Cape Townball & Bloemfonteinball - I own the capital, give up now.
  4. Durbanball - Good holiday spot, and pickpocketing spot
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