“I must force an outcome on Berlin, or face my downfall.”
Pragueball (Prague) is capital and biggest city of Czech Republic (Czechball).. Prague's people love hockey, football and drink a lot of beer. In Prague live people from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Pragues People is afraid of Jozin

History Edit

About 1200 years ago thousands of Slavic people lived on this clay. In 1500 Prague was created and named. Prague was occupied by Sweden, Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany a lot of times.

Realionships Edit

Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Brno
  • Ostrava
  • Whole Czechiaball
  • Budapest
  • Bucharest
  • Manila
  • Teplice
  • “I like you Vietnam-icon Vietnamball
    “Come on Prague!”
    ―-Vietnam-icon Vietnamball
    “I Will Nuke you Mexico!”
    “F*ck This!!!!”
    “Dios Mio!!!”
    ―-Mexico-icon Mexicoball

Quotes Edit

  • Prague is best
  • Prague = Czech Republic
  • Prague is liberal
  • Prague can into beer
  • Prague is the best Paris of the East
  • Prague can into metro
  • Vodka?

Gallery Edit

Surprise Jumpscare

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