Porreiro, pá!

Portugalball is a countryball located in Southern Europe. He can into NATO and EU too, along with Spain-icon Spainball, his only neighbor. He was final colonial empire to survive till at last breath ,until he gave his son Macau-icon Macauball to China-icon Chinaball, thus ending the era of colonialism.

Portugal can into great football team, seeing great football players such as Eusébio and Cristiano Ronaldo. Sadly it has been declining, suffering a 4-0 defeat by Germany-icon Germanyball in 2014, but it got revenge by a 5-0 win in 2015. Take of that Germany!

Recently Portugalball defeated France-icon Franceball in the Euro 2016 Final, and conquered his first international title in football. He claims to be the best in football as Brazil (like father, like son).

In 2017, after 48 failed tries in 53 years, Portugal finally can into winning the Eurovision.


Portugalball has seen a constant flow of different civilizations during the past 3100 years. Tartesos, Gaul-icon Celts, Phoenician-icon Phoenicians, Carthage-icon Carthaginians, Ancient Greece-icon Greeks, SPQR-icon Romans, Lusitanians, Germanic (Suevi and Visigoths), Islam-icon Muslims, Israel-icon Jews and other populations have left their mark on the culture, history, language and ethnicity.



  • SPQR-icon SPQRball - Meu pai.
  • Almoravid-icon Almoravidball - Minha mãe who I anger a morte, because Eu not into Muslim. (Eu follow †religião† do pai)

Brothers and Sisters


Nephews and Nieces



  • UK-icon UKball - Best friend since 1373. We both hate EU-iconEUball for same reasons.
  • USA-iconCanada-iconAustralia-iconNew Zealand-icon UK's children- They are good friends with me. USAball and Canadaball are in NATO as well!(USA helped the end of my empire ;-; )
  • Greece-icon Greeceball- We will leave EU-icon Merkelreich together!
  • Brazil-icon Brazilball- Meu biggest and strongest son. HUEHUEHUEHUE
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball- Oh thank you, thank you! Let East Timor and you become close cousins.
  • Spain-icon Spainball- Neighbors, and also a frienemy. We are twins and both he and me want to leave EU-icon Merkelreich. But I want Galiza.
  • Macau-icon Macauball- (Macau: Help me, papá!) Eu want to save-te but China of too stronk, plus big 5 (can give me sanção)
  • Goa-icon Goaball- Come back plox



Portugalball have three branches: air force, navy force and ground force. They serve primarily as a self-defense force whose mission is to protect the country.

In the 20th century, Portugal engaged in two major military interventions: World War I and the Portuguese Colonial War (1961–1974). After the end of the Portuguese Empire in 1999, the Portuguese Armed Forces have participated in peacekeeping missions in East Timor-icon East Timorball, Bosnia-icon Bosniaball, Kosovo-icon Kosovoball, Afghan-icon Afghanistanball, Somalia-icon Somaliaball, Iraq-icon Iraqball (Nasiriyah) and Lebanon-icon Lebanonball. Portugal also conducted several independent unilateral military operations abroad, as were the cases of the interventions of the Portuguese Armed Forces in Angola-icon Angolaball in 1992 and in Guinea-Bissau-icon Guinea-Bissauball in 1998 with the main objectives of protecting and withdrawing of Portuguese and foreign citizens threatened by local civil conflicts.

Famous Portugese



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