Instagram is a website where people steal comics from Reddit without credit while also claiming them as their own and cannot into good original comics and art lololololol share square shaped pictures and videos. It has a local Polandball community, mostly in English and Italian. Uploading comics is much more easier now due to a update allowing larger file sizes and cropping larger panels so now comic uploading is easy. In Instagram, comic rules are slightly less strict and watermarking is more common.

It is highly imcouraged to copy someone else's country like doing two different accounts of USA in English. If instead you're creating another language version, it's allowed. Chatrooms and simulations also appear across Instagram.

Remember to steal post polandball comics once in a while


The Mod System

While Polandball was spreading into Facebook and Twitter, Instagram was fleed up by some minor users of other communities. Initially, was a ruleless peaceful place but after a bit an organization begun. The Mods of the Instagram pages sometimes cause controversy and people against the mods often start flame wars. They ended up collapsing and threw the community into a massive pool of short lived mod system attempts and pro anarchists debates. Eventually mod system was put back in, but had little to no power over the community. Most of the original mods lost faith in the mod system and soon enough the system faded out of existence. There have been multiple attempts to bring back the mods and all have failed...fortunately raids and flamewars are not as common as they used to be.

Basil war(s)

Basil is a religion that worship Basil brush as their God. What started off the first war was when two polandballs (Soviet.block and Venezuela ball [now mr classical Canadian]) started attacking the basil pages and more polandballs got pulled into the conflict.. Both sides claimed to have won this war (and many future wars), although it is likely that Basil was winning, no one won this war since an agreement was met. There has been numerous skirmishes since; with mauritius ball and the basil proxy war against comoros ball.

The 'Haxxing'

In 2016, many Polandball accounts were either hacked or lost. The passwords of such accounts were changed and the hacked people decided to just duplicate the account. Some people think it was Basil a group that are in war with the 'young' side of the community but the mature accounts do not care.

The "Crusades"

Several Polandball members raided FNaF and Furry accounts with no reason known. It was seen as an insult although some Polandball members still continue to do so. Raids are still frequent but with more politically correct reasons. (There was also an unecessary war against Pedophiles during the same period, but that was extremely irrelevant)

Popeball's Crusades

Pope ball (now Call of Christianity) was a polandball member who usually raided (spam reported people) other polandball members, because they had different views than him and even threatened raids.

The New Mods Movement

Once, on Soviet's stream, a new member of the community, Novgorod, was inspired by Soviet's and Neth's stories of the olde, moderated days of IGPB. He commented on the stream about how nice it would be to bring back the mods. Several people agreed with him, including Soviet and another newer member of the community, @official.delaware._.ball . In a private group DM, Soviet invited his old Mod Comrades to discuss the return with Delaware and Novgorod. The group is currently told to be finished writing the Constitution for the new government.

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