The Polandball was born on a German imageboard, named Krautchan. From there, many users of the board decided to export the meme to other sites. One of them, Siberiaball, brought it to the, creating this wiki in 10.I.2010. However, the Wikia remained pretty inactive and had few users.

Siberiaball became inactive. After that, a new user SexyMordecai5 adopted the wiki. It was late 2012. Beside this ownership change, the wiki remained pretty much idle. One of the users that joined in this period was IDrowzee.

Other websites, instead, had more fortune. Beside Krautchan slowly losing all interest, other communities flourished. One of them is /r/polandball, a subreddit (part) of the website founded by the Serbian user /u/767.

Age of Diamond

With the inactivity of SexyMordecai5, IDrowzee seized the opportunity and became the owner of the wiki in September 2014. This Floridan user, known in the Facebook Polandball community as Reagan, decided to make this wikia more professional, by testing his own ideas on his test wiki. To be sure that nothing could have gone wrong, he removed any admin power from the previous owners.

Under him, the wikia knew the navboxes, the infoboxes, full pages, real images and finally got the drawing rules that, before, were not existant.

New users

Under this revolutionary administration, many users joined the wiki. The most notable ones are the following:

  • Privatejfx141, a Canadian user who fixed most of the templates
  • Antonio12ITA, an Italian user who was promoted admin and helped created missing pages
  • the Mysterious Contributor, an anonymous user (at the time) who created most of the pages in the wiki. He was proposed by IDrowzee to make an account and become an admin, but he refused
  • Smyterat, a Portuguese arrogant youtuber that created many pages
  • Melfenbein, a Romanian user that made many pages
  • BainTheCool, another Romanian user, that led to the current friendships on the wiki
  • Blocked IP, an image uploader that made most of the images on this wiki of that time. Their nationality has been speculated and only few know it.


Because of IDrowzee's arrogant personality, any relation between this wikia and the subreddit got bad, since IDrowzee saw his wikia mocked and rejected by the mods of /r/polandball.

Although there was no real rivalry, none of the community bears the other.

Currently, IDrowzee is banned on /r/polandball because, after having seen his hard work rejected, in a moment of rage, he started insulting the moderators.


In mid-November 2013, another Floridan user, Vercetti Tommy, started a Spanish version of this wiki. Since he made really few contributions, a Hispanophone user, Voztok, adopted the Spanish wikia in late 2014 and helped it grow, with new admins, navboxes and pages. The two wikis currently have different versions of drawing rules.

Meanwhile, in November 2014, Кирзик или СуперУитлиKirgzik ili SuperUitli, made a Russian version of this wiki. This wikia is not flourishing as

Age of Gold

From the half of the 2015, many other users started to join the English version of this wikia, which grew exponentially. The new pages and images created made it able to compete with /r/polandball. Some of the comics there have been inspired by pages here.

On the other hand, this wikia saw the import of a unique reddit mechanic, flair icons. On reddit, those icons are behind a user's name. Here, instead, they are used anywhere. After having got a template to start, many were and are created. The first ones were imported by the users Blocked IP and BainTheCool. The list of icons currently is this, with flairs from the subreddit but also new ones, for anything, from countries to cities and personal icons.

More languages

After seeing that this wikia existed not only in the English language, a couple of users decided to create other language versions of the wikia. Many of these got abandoned just a few days after they were created. The ones that survived long enough to be still alive are the Italian, the Korean and the Polish version. Of these, only the Polish one is active currently.

The same happened from users of the Spanish version of this wiki, who created a wikia in Nahuatl, currently semi-abandoned.


A mapping wikia, The Future of Europes Wiki, nicknamed Mapperdonia, saw this wiki. Some of the users, intrigated by the meme, joined this wiki as well. However, an infamous mapper, Fantastic mapper, used this place as a spambox, joining here also with alt-accounts and causing chaos.

Graphic restyling

The Hong Konger user Yhynerson1 and the Canadian user Privatejfx141 found a way to simplify templates and get a better Home Page. Italian Mysterious Contributor designed, with the help of their tests, the layout that's still in use now.

Italian Mysterious Contributor, also, translated the old-styled infoboxes to the new layout-made ones, still in use.

Curently, Yhynerson1, now called KurwaAntics, keeps posting here graphic projects to fix this wikia's appearance.

The Doxx

It was September 2015. Blocked IP dug up through IDrowzee account to find out that he lived in a certain city of Florida. We can't say the city here for privacy reasons.

IDrowzee is pretty touchy. The answer to this were various bans. However, Collisions was banned for the doxx, erroneously. Anyone who defended this latter was banned as well for apologia.

At the end, IDrowzee was most against two users, PiscesRK and the Mysterious Contributor, and tried to remove any trace of them from the wikia.

This latter finally made an account to contribute here and became known as "IMC".

At the end, Antonio12ITA, who was admin, was also made bureaucrat by Siberiaball, returned for a day to see how the wikia was going. After acknowledging this, IDrowzee answered with silence and currently pretends to be inactive, randomly uploading images and undeleting the forbidden images he uploaded.

Blocked IP left the wikia and nobody knows what happened them.

Age of Silver

With IDrowzee stepping away, Antonio12ITA became the new owner. Anyone got amnisty.

The first thing he did was promoting Italian Mysterious Contributor to admin status and, after an election, BainTheCool as well.

During this administrationship, various rule reforms were proposed and rejected by popular vote, with Antonio12ITA de facto keeping the old ones.

Since there was no voting system, Italian Mysterious Contributor stylized a chart to make the democratic process clearer. It was approved and it still is.

Scandals of Italian Mysterious Contributor acting ragefully against new users and massive alt attacks led the previous one to be demoted and repromoted various times. The last one, he was demoted to contentmod and currently keeps the wikia clean of forbidden images.

Age of Bronze

Frequent disagreement between users, spam attacks from a Garfield Gang (who kept overwriting images with porn), and the move from the Wikia chat to Discord servers led to inactivity, with few to no new user joining.

Some of the old users, who were not 13 years old, were reported to the Wikia staff who, according to the Terms of Use, permanently banned them. Other users, instead, got involved in a game called the Ni**er game and, according to the same Terms of Use, were banned for apologia of segregationism.

The only thing most of the community agrees on is the need of a third admin but doesn't judge anyone fit for such responsibility.

Age of Iron

Italian Mysterious Contributor left the wiki in late May 2017, stopping any contribution that fixed the new pages and added images to such. From there on, the Wordmark changed and the Wiki was no more the same. The wiki was reduced to meaningless debates and banter, nobody focused on any work.

The Reformations

In late July 2017, Reagan, the former owner died due to unknown reasons. There was a one week blackout. After that, the current owner Antonio has come to a decision that new staff were to be made. Luki1223 and Collisions were made admins, Crazyball was made moderator, and NESTLEH was promoted to content moderator. Luki1223 was the first to make effort with "Project Editor", in an attempt to encourage editing. On the same time, song contests based off of Eurovision are also on the rise. New users began to flock the forums with games and discussions. The chatroom once dead is on the rise again. Despite the old admin(s) not really caring or are too busy, the wiki is now seeing a chance in flourshing as it once had. New problems emerged such as alt users, nationalistic debates and admin apathy. But with the staff's effort, the wiki is gradually taking it's toll on improving to what it once was.

Age of Copper

IMC returned with a name changed, and after a long sought after 18 months, PiscesRK being unblocked, the wiki is seeing a new potential of becoming what it used to be from these two major editors rising up to their former glory. The drama among the wiki is slowly do die down, as major drama contributors have also been rightfully blocked. What can only be described as a miracle, the new users have slowly willingly integrated themselves into the wiki's ways, as respected editors and artists. After the establishment of the Staff Discord channel, actions became more efficient as warnings are passed out on time and drama is wiped out before it can escalate into anything worse.

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