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2009: PrehistoryEdit

Siberiaball discovered Polandball on Krautchan.

2010: FoundationEdit

Siberiaball, a user from Krautchan, founded this wiki in January 10, 2010. The wiki was pretty inactive during this times. There were very few users; not nearly enough to support the wiki efficiently.

2012: Second OwnershipEdit

SexyMordecai5 decided to adopt the wiki in late 2012. As what happened under Siberiaball's leadership, there were not nearly enough contributions for the wiki to function.


SexyMordecai5 leaves the Wikia. This year; the Wikia is without any staff.

More and more users joined the wiki, including IDrowzee, who would later become owner.

2014: Third OwnershipEdit

IDrowzee, a Facebook polandballer known also as Reagan, decided to adopt the wiki in September 2014, after he made examples of how to make this wiki more professional on his test wiki. He also removed the adminship powers from SexyMordecai5, who still is a bureaucrat.

IDrowzee added the navboxes and started fixing the poor pages in the wiki. He fixed the Main Page, while making it look nicer. However, since he is well-known to redditors as a bossy arrogant person, the wiki got barely any relationship with the R/Polandball reddit.

In this period, the Canadian user Privatejfx141, fixed some of the few templates here to get them look better.

New usersEdit

Still in later 2014, Voztok became an admin on this wiki. But this new admin didn't made very big contributions since he focused on Spanish Polandball Wiki. In fact, he adopted that wiki since its founder, Vercetti Tommy, became inactive.

In the same period, the Mysterious Contributor de facto joined the wiki but without an account. Since then, he did a lot of contributions. IDrowzee even offered him to became an admin, but he was forced to reject since he didn't have an account.

Another Italian user, more important, is Antonio12ITA, which became an admin in almost the same period thanks to his contributions. His first images, being made with tools, were removed and since then it's official that images in this wiki mustn't have been done with tools.

The youtuber Smyterat joined this Wiki in November 2014 and already made friendship with the main users. He didn't contribute a lot but his contributions helped the wiki.

Early 2015: Beginning Golden AgeEdit

More UsersEdit

In Mid 2015, BainTheCool, Collisions, Luki1223PiscesRK and other users joined (at different times) and helped the wiki grow.

In this period, many new languages were added to this wiki, even if they became dead, where almost no-one contributes. Since then, from four languages, there became more than 20 in less than a year but only 4-5 actually have contributors.

This time is called "The Golden Age" since it was the time of ultimate peace and the beginning of bigger activity.

Flair iconsEdit

Copying the template from Reddit, Blocked IP and BainTheCool started creating icons like this (Poland-icon) and uploaded them on this wiki. Since then, new icons are added to represent pages in navboxes. These icons, listed here, include flairs for countries, divisions, cities, users' personal ones and others.

Late 2015: End of the Golden AgeEdit

This is called "End of Golden Age" due to the aftermaths of various doxxings and the reforming.


Some users of the wiki known as TFoE also joined this community, even if one became known as an alt-spammer, causing some chaos. TFoE has become a friend wiki since then but sadly it also attracted many alt-spammers during the time.

Visual ReformationEdit

The Hong Konger user Yhynerson1 and the Canadian user Privatejfx141 found a way to simplify templates and get a better Home Page. Italian Mysterious Contributor designed, with the help of their tests, the layout that's still in use now.

Italian Mysterious Contributor, also, translated the old-styled infoboxes to the new layout-made ones, still in use. But the problem was that these seemed ugly colored. Yhynerson1 projected how to make them well-looking but this method only works on personal Wikia.csses.

Doxxing and aftermathEdit

In the later 2015, nearly September, the user Blocked IP, known for creating a lot of images (even if using a template), doxxed IDrowzee about his location. This started a conflict between IDrowzee and many other users that, getting banned without a real motivation, started raging and made IDrowzee even more angry. In fact, these users asked Wikia Staff to help them, but they were everything but useful.

IDrowzee started removing PiscesRK's and the Mysterious Contributor's replies in threads, removing them from history. the Mysterious Contributor then, since it's remotion was only because he hadn't an account, decided to make an User Account, becaming Italian Mysterious Contributor.

Meanwhile, Siberiaball returned for a few hours and gave Antonio12ITA bureaucrat rights.

2016: Fourth Ownership Edit

In late 2015, IDrowzee announced on Facebook that he'd have quit from Polandball (even if he keeps with his Facebook page). Initially, here was thought as a hoax but since IDrowzee seemed inactive, Antonio12ITA became the de facto new owner and unblocked the innocent users banned from the previous flame war about doxxing.

Civil War? Edit

The problem was that this wiki became divided in sides by different ideas of thought about how's the meme really made, with some thinking Reddit strict rules should be also used here. Antonio12ITA end the conflict with declaring that this wiki would keep its rules. 

New RulesEdit

Later in the year, a user named Candiesrgood proposed new chat rules, however these were harshly criticised by other users, mainly the rule that involved punishing users who don't like the new ideas. One admin (Italian Mysterious Contributor) approved them but then this lead to a flame war on chat and many chatbans (which were quickly ended thanks to other chatmods and mods). He later demoted himself and somehow got screenshots of things that were in chat when he was offline, he also tried to frame a user named Squirrel719 which was banned earlier in the day for putting delete templates on several pages. Meanwhile in the chat, paranoid moderators kept having a lot of suspect against people and banned two innocent users believing they were alts, such as Chinese user PolandballFan8886.

In the summer, discord chats were created to close down the chat. Now the chat is almost inactive.

2017: Dark Ages Edit

This era is called the "Dark Ages" due to the speculations of different ideologies and the Wikia's underage banning system. It is also called that because of the injustice that is popping in many popular pages' talk page.

New Discords Edit

Bain opened up a new discord chat for new users to operate, and now is still operated.

The Underage Crisis Edit

Terr, a currently blocked user, got suspicious of various new users such as Ethanball and Ketapang, and reported them to the Wikia staff when he discovered they were underage. This caused a speculation around the wiki and several old users threatening never to come back. The new users, now frantic, decided to make new accounts, although Terr banned some users that were not underaged. The crisis lasted for just over a month.

Proposals Edit

Luki suggested some rules and ways that cam make this wiki better, and mentions that "Polandball are at a all time rise". His efforts are neglected. Users are starting to have the idea of a new admin, and many thought the admins were not doing their jobs.

The old users were not doing their jobs, and leaving it all to the new and confused users to do everything.

Coolmax and Genny Bianco, two famous users, are blocked due to Wikia policies.

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