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The Polandball Wiki is a community encyclopedia project about the Polandball meme. The Polandball Wiki is operated by Wikia, Inc. and is currently maintaining over 12,272 articles along with 375,892 edits combined.


Image Owner Country Start End Total Days
1. Siberiaball Founder Siberiaball Russia-icon Russia January 10th, 2010 November 23rd, 2012 1049 days
2. SexyMordecai5 Owner SexyMordecai5 Unknown November 24th, 2012 September 16th, 2014 662 days
3. IDrowzee Owner IDrowzee USA-icon USA September 17th, 2014 December 31th, 2015 471 days
4. Antonio12ITA Owner Antonio12ITA Italy-icon Italy January 1st, 2016 Incumbent TBA

Outside of WikiaEdit

Link Name Date Created Admins
Skype August 24th, 2015
Facebook February 6th, 2016 (New Version)
YouTube July 10th, 2015
Reddit January 17th, 2017
Discord January 29th, 2017



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Currently the Polandball wiki is available in 42 languages:

N. Link Language Name Date Created Admins
1. English wiki English Polandball Wiki January 10, 2010
2. PolandballWikiaLogoOfficial Polish (Polski) Polandball Wiki September 15, 2013
3. Spainballpedia Spanish (Español) Wiki Polandball November 26, 2013
4. Russiaballpedia Russian (Pусский) Polandball Bики November 24, 2014
5. Korean wiki Korean (한국어) 폴란드공 위키 June 23, 2015
6. Italian wiki Italian (Italiano) Polandball Wikia June 23, 2015
7. Croatian wiki Croatian (Hrvatski) Polandball Wikia June 24, 2015
8. Dutch wiki Dutch (Nederlands) Polenbal Wiki July 25, 2015
9. Chinese wiki Chinese (中文) 波蘭球 Wiki
Polandball Wiki
July 29, 2015
10. Scottish wiki Scottish Polandball Wiki July 29, 2015
11. French wiki French (Français) Wikia Polandball August 02, 2015
12. German wiki German (Deutsch) Deutsch Polandball Wikia August 02, 2015
13. Ancient Greek wiki Ancient Greek (Ἑλληνική) Polandball Wikia August 02, 2015
14. Portuguese wiki Portuguese (Português) Wiki Polandball August 02, 2015
15. Czech wiki Czech (Čeština) Polandball Wikia August 03, 2015
16. Arabic wiki Arabic (عربية) Polandball Wiki August 21, 2015
17. Esperanto wiki Esperanto Polandball Vikio August 27, 2015
18. Zulu wiki Zulu (isiZulu) Polandball Wikia August 27, 2015
19. Slovak wiki Slovak (Slovenčina) Polandball Wikia September 29, 2015
20. Swedish wiki Swedish (Svenska) Polandball Wikia October 11, 2015
21. Romanian wiki Romanian (Română) Polandball Wikia October 29, 2015
22. Nahuatl wiki Nahuatl (Nāhuatlàtōlli) Polandball Wikia October 31, 2015
23. Greek wiki Greek (Eλληνική) Polandball Wikia November 05, 2015
24. Albanian wiki Albanian (Shqip) Polandball Wikia November 23, 2015
25. Serbian wiki Serbian (Cрпски) Polandball Wikia November 26, 2015
26. Hungarian wiki Hungarian (Magyar) Polandball-wiki November 29, 2015
27. Finnish wiki Finnish (Suomeksi) Polandball Wikia December 03, 2015
28. Latin wiki Latin (Latina) Latin Polandball Wiki January 10, 2016
29. Lithuanian wiki Lithuanian (Lietuvių) Polandball Wikia January 12, 2016
30. Tagalog wiki Tagalog Wiki ng Polandball April 28, 2016
31. Macedonian wiki Macedonian (Македонски) Polandball вики April 29, 2016
32. Turkish wiki Turkish (Türkçe) Polandball Wikia April 30, 2016
33. Romani wiki Romani Polandball Wikia April 30, 2016
34. Cornish wiki Cornish (Kernowek) Polandball Wikia April 30, 2016
35. Neapolitan wiki Neapolitan (Napulitano) Polandball Wikia May 1, 2016
36. Danish wiki Danish (Dansk) Polandball Wikia June 17, 2016
37. Luxembourgish wiki Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch) Polandball Wikia June 30, 2016
38. Georgian wiki Georgian (ქართული) Polandball Wikia/პოლანდბალლ Wikia May 11, 2016
39. Kazakh wiki Kazakh (Қазақ) Polandball Wikia July 9, 2016
40. Japanese wiki Japanese (日本語) ポーランドボール Wiki July 4, 2016
41. Belarusian wiki Belarusian (Беларуская) Polandball Wikia July 14, 2016
42. Icelandic wiki Icelandic (Íslenska) Polandball Wikia July 14, 2016
43. 100pX Bosnian (Bosanski) Polandball Wikia March 31, 2017
Other Polandball Wiki related wikias Date created Admins Description
Polandballsafe Wiki August 30, 2014 A Polandball Wiki for testing new features (Now defunct).
Company Polandball Wiki July 31, 2015 A Polandball Wiki but with Coorperations instead of Countries.
Fake Countryball Union Wiki July 31, 2015 Random other non-polandballs.
Polandball Wikia Alternativa (IP-friendly) August 01, 2015 An alternate Spanish Wiki which allows accountless users to edit.
Elementball Wikia August 22, 2015 A Polandball Wiki but with elements of the Periodic Table instead.
Wikia Polandball Raras (Spanish) September 03, 2015 Spanish Companyball equivalent.
Wikia Méxicoball October 13, 2015 A wiki dedicated to Mexico.
Mapperball Wikia October 03, 2015 A wiki for both Mappers and Polandball fans.
Polandarrow Wikia October 15, 2015 A wiki based on the /r/polandball joke made by legitprivilege.
Ideologyball Wiki November 14, 2015 A wiki for Poltical Ideologies.
Polandball Wikia Users's Fictional Countries Wiki December 11, 2015 A wiki for fictional countries made by people from here.
Political Partyball Wiki January 24th, 2016 A wiki made to move Political Parties to.
Non-Countryballs Wiki April 2nd, 2016 A wiki for anything else non-countryball.
Languageball Wiki July 14th, 2016 A wiki for languages of the countries, not the countries themself.
Будущее Countryballs Вики (Russian) July 22, 2016
Polandballs вики (Russian) August 10, 2016
Friend Wikias Date created Admins
Alternate Future of Europes Wiki October 7, 2012
Micronationals Wikia April 13, 2015
Junk Wikia October 9, 2015
Biomes O' Plenty Wiki January 13, 2013

Useful LinksEdit

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