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Welcome to the Polandball Wiki!

Welcome to the Polandball Wikia
This is a community dedicated to Poland-icon Polandball and related materials. This wiki exists since January 10, 2010 and since then, it has been an encyclopedia for all the Polandballers.*
Remember: Together, we make a better world!
*The content listed on this wiki may not be allowed by the rules on /r/polandball & co.

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  • Luki1223

    Admins, be more active

    March 21, 2017 by Luki1223

    I proposed my ideas for wiki long time ago but nothing really happend. We need changes.

    Admins and buro are too lazy to do that, they need to be more active or wiki will be inactive again. Everyone are on Discord (That is not active because we have another unofficial server and nobody wants to move from there). Chat here is uh oh not active.

    We can add some awesome stuff for old and new users, restore Polandvision, set goals for minor users, give them prize after finishing the goal. Add more informations about the meme, communities, games etc.

    The problem is, like I said earlier, admins are too lazy and they only talking about that but they nothing really do. I noticed in Google trends that Polandball became more popular now.

    This is our chance for make this wiki active again.

    That's all I think, you can comment now, ok?

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  • Luki1223

    We need to make Polandball Wiki better, filled with more accurate informations, and of course more active. Here are my ideas for it:

    -Restore "Editor of the Month" (With focus for something?) but only for minor users. It will make Wiki more active.

    -Make our Facebook alive: Every important blog or thread with "News" category here, will be posted on FB too (As short information about it and with link).

    -On Main Page, Post only our, original comics (From Polandvision and other competitions).

    -Let's promote here some unknown PB animators and mappers (For example, Gitu is user of our Wiki) by doing a special blog posts about them.

    -Add more informations about meme community (Redditors, users from other communities, games, etc.).

    -More informations on important (modern and historical) countryballs pages.

    -Let's promote our collection of icons. It's much bigger that you can find on r/polandball.

    -Make our YT channel alive (Let's Plays from PB games, mods about PB, promoting animators).

    UPDATE: Your ideas:

    -CSS/JS technician (Promote KurwaAntics?)

    -Make use of Template:Featured

    -Promote new admin.

    -replace the forum, blogs and article comments with discussions.

    -Promote mappers too.

    Post your ideas in the comments.

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