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Welcome to the Polandball Wiki!

Welcome to the Polandball Wikia
This is a community dedicated to Poland-icon Polandball and related materials. This wiki exists since January 10, 2010 and since then, it has been an encyclopedia for all the Polandballers.*
Remember: Together, we make a better world!
*The content listed on this wiki may not be allowed by the rules on /r/polandball & co.

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  • BainTheCool


    Alright, it's time to clarify some things. First I will make one thing clear:
    Creating threads, blog posts, comments or anything else with the purpose of intentionally starting an argument (not a debate) or provoking people to start one is NOT allowed, no matter the subject.

    "But-but muh free speech!"

    You ARE allowed to have opinions on certain subjects but insulting a person or a group of people is definitely not allowed. First of all, it is a logical fallacy, using an insult doesn't help you win argument (look up "Ad hominem").

    It has ALWAYS been against the rules to do that. If you can't find a better argument then having to resort to attacking the user with irrelevant insults, then you already lost the argument.

    Acting aggressively or harassing another user is also not allowed.

    These sorts of things happen all the time and cause stress for everyone, you, the users and the moderators/admins.

    It would be a nice change of pace by seeing peaceful debates without people mocking others and just having friendly conversations. And plus, it's not like a few teenagers are gonna change the world by arguing about their opinions online, you'll grow out of it eventually.

    |Bainball]]|}} Bainy 15:30, May 26, 2017 (UTC)

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  • BainTheCool

    Commenting PSA

    May 21, 2017 by BainTheCool

    From now on, any blog post, thread or comment that is made to bait users into arguing or being angry will be deleted.

    "HEY GUYS [X] IS BAD LOLOLO butthurt time xd"



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  • KurwaAntics

    Getting bored.

    A Á B C Cs D Dz Dzs E É F G Gy H I Í J K L Ly M N
    Ny O Ó Ö Ő P Q R S Sz T Ty U Ú Ü Ű V W X Y Z Zs

    А АА Б Ц Ч Д Ѕ Џ Е ЕЕ Ф Г Ђ Х И ИИ Ј К Л Љ М Н
    Њ О ОО Ө ӨӨ П
    Р Ш С Т Ћ У УУ Ү ҮҮ В

    З Ж
    The alphabet

    А Б В Г …

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  • Crazyjohn404

    Bonjour! Hello!

    May 30, 2017 by Crazyjohn404

    Bonjour, je suis Crazyjohn404. La raison pour laquelle j'utilise Franceball comme mon avatar est parce que je suis d'héritage français.J'ai créé Franceball en utilisant

    Hello, I'm Crazyjohn404. The reason I use Franceball as my avatar is because I am of French heritage.​I created that Fra…

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  • Ethan.ball.2002


    May 30, 2017 by Ethan.ball.2002

    Everyone, this is Terrr. He has a new account. On behalf of him, he is very sorry for reporting all the underage users. He will not do it again. Forgive him, please.

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  • Toastastrudel

    My first comic

    May 29, 2017 by Toastastrudel

    Not entirely funny. Probably would've been better if it was longer (I got lazy), and it breaks a lot of rules (It got denied as a submission to /r/polandball with a somewhat rude response from the mods) but here we go.

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  • Superpea9013

    hi, you're on a rock floating in space. pretty cool, huh? some of it's water. fuck it. actually, most of it's water. i can't even get from here to there without buying a boat. it's sad. i'm sad. i miss you. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? a long time ago... actually, never. and also now. nothing is nowhere. w…

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  • Fantastic mapper

    There could be several ways to make our wiki better.

    My opinion is not to report underage users. We shouldn't care what the age of users is. But the things they have done. So shall we tell wikia staff to unblock underage users (but good users) in our wikia?

    • There's sadly many bad users and spammers i…

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  • JacoubThePerson

    oy vey

    May 28, 2017 by JacoubThePerson

    how do i delete a blog post?

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  • DynaBall!


    May 27, 2017 by DynaBall!

    Well I just reached 1k edits last night.I really have nothing to say because its not that big of an achievement but I mean,Wow.So far I have been active pretty much since the end of march and I have been here for may.I am #25 on the wiki and I am proud that its just SIX SPOTS AWAY before My biggest …

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  • BainTheCool


    Alright, it's time to clarify some things. First I will make one thing clear:
    Creating threads, blog posts, comments or anything else with the purpose of intentionally starting an argument (not a debate) or provoking people to start one is NOT allowed, no matter the subject.

    "But-but muh free spe…

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  • KurwaAntics

    Blogs are intended for long and more formal texts.

    For those as simple as a question should go to the forum or Fandom's new Discussion platform.

    Also, in order to gain more attention, a forum feed should be put onto the main page.

    Advantages of using Discussions
    Anyone can report inappropriate threads …
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