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  • Antonio12ITA

    Back from Vacation

    August 16, 2018 by Antonio12ITA

    Hello, It's been a very long time due to private reasons, now I am back from North America and Alps but I am not talking about my vacation right now. I just found out this Wikia got drama again and got even more issues about Chat, Alts, and Global Banned users.

    What should I say? Well, I apologize for not being active and for this reason I intervened in just few issues but what did I see, NESTLEH already made a blog post about users getting global banned for insulting, racial and homophobic slurs. Nothing changed.

    And at this time I say it: CAN WE JUST STOP BAITING EACHOTHER? even though you keep memeing about it, it's not funny anymore.

    Admins kept warning or banning some users about Bait blog posts, but I saw just few of you keep reporting issues to our message wall.

    My conclusion: Please stop baiting eachother because it counts as harass and do not take them seriously, just report it to Admins. If you don't, drama keeps on going by making even more hateful situation, this is not what we want.

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