Polandball: The Animated Series is an Internet animated series based on the Polandball meme created by Paul Hunter.

The first series is mainly concentrated on the UK-icon United Kingdom and the Murica-icon United States.

Since 11th Episode, some of the starred countryballs may have hands, more likely if they are real-world people.


Season OneEdit

N. Name Release date Main characters
1. A Burning Revenge October 2, 2013 UK-icon UKball and Canada-icon Canadaball
2. 1812 October 13, 2013 (English) June 14, 2014 (Russian) [2] USA-icon USAball, UK-icon UKball and Canada-icon Canadaball
3. Goodbye Daddy October 31, 2013 Wales-icon Walesballs
4. Remembrance Day November 6, 2013 UK-icon UKball, England-icon Englandball, Scotland-icon Scotlandball and Wales-icon Walesball
5. One Doesn't Walk Into Moscow December 1, 2013 USA-icon USAball and Russia-icon Russiaball
6. Entente cordiale February 19, 2014 (Voiced)

May 25, 2014 (Not voiced)

UK-icon UKball and France-icon Franceball

Season TwoEdit

N. Name Release date Protagonist
7. Episode One Countryball's June 22, 2014 Earth-icon Several countries of the world
8. A Day With Ireland July 25, 2014 Ireland-icon Irelandball
9. Canada's Vendetta (Remake) March 17, 2015 Canada-icon Canadaball, UK-icon UKball and Quebec-icon Quebecball
10. The Racist![3] August 7, 2015 UK-icon UKball, Wales-icon Walesball and England-icon Englandball
11. Episode Two Countryball's

World of References

September 19, 2015 Earth-icon Several countries of the world
Guests: IDrowzee-icon Reagan, Cody
12 Episode Three Countryball's

Symphony of Kurwa

November 1, 2016 Earth-icon Several countries of the worldGuests: Paul Hunter,
13. Game of thorns Late 2017 England-icon Englandball, Kingdom of France-icon Kingdom of Franceball, Denmark-icon Denmarkball,Poland-icon Polandball
*Black Tuesday* TBA USA-icon USAball, New York-icon New Yorkball, NewJersey-icon New Jerseyball

Special None Episodic Videos.Edit

Videos not part of the Polandball: the Animation series canon.

N. Name Release date Protagonist
- 1 Fight for Freedom [4] November 17, 2013 Poland-icon Polandball, Facebook-icon Faceblock
2 The Racist August 7. 2015 UK-icon UKball, Wales-icon Walesball and England-icon Englandball
3 Best Of Polandball December 10, 2015 Earth-icon Several countries of the world
Guests: IDrowzee-icon Reagan, Cody
4 Polandball Can't Into Space? June 30th, 2016 USA-icon USAball

Countryballs: The MovieEdit

A Countryball film is being considered sometime in the future. created by Paul Hunter that is planned release TBA.

11218681 496608070508414 6277585394201236512 n
It seems, The movie idea people are rooting for is, 20XX Russian invasion of Europe.

Almighty then, I have a idea in mind for this. I'll begin writing a draft to see if my plans work out. Note this Film WILL be voiced! There is no going around that. I plan to submit this motion picture to worldwide Film Festivals. But like with Everything don't expect it till at least 2016. Working on episodes, A movie and real life work won't be easy so be patent. It isn't to late to change my mind and vote for something else. ~ Hunter

— Plot Summery : Year 2020 deep within the heart of Europe, A flash of light followed by a searing heat. France races through the streets of Paris, with Italy by his side. 'We have to hurry' he mutters screeching past the Eiffel Tower. They turn to face the east, when a flash of light cuts off their view of one of Europe's oldest Cities. (c) Hunter's Productions 2015

Countryballs appearedEdit

Countryballs appeared only on Trailers/Another VideosEdit

Countryballs that will appearEdit

Real people appearedEdit




  1. One episode has not yet been transmitted
  2. The video is not listed on Youtube ---> Polandball: 1812 Русский издание
  3. On September 15, 2015 the episode was deleted
  4. Fight for freedom

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