Philadelphiaball is a cityball in Pennsylvaniaball. It is best known as the "City of Brotherly Love". It's always sunny there.


Philadelphiaball born as a 3ball and Swedenball. He was cedeed to UKball/Colonial Americaball in 1669. In 1776, he wrote the Declaration of Independence of USAball.

Philadelphiaball is best known for being the backdrop for the Rocky movies (especially the famous steps of the Museum of Art), and musician Elton John even wrote a song about him ("Philadelphia Freedom").

He is a big sports fan and loves his sports teams:

  • Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL (Super Bowl LII champions!!!)
  • Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL
  • Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA (Y'all better trust the process!)
  • Philadelphia Phillies of MLB
  • Philadelphia Union of MLS (even though they play in Chester)

How to draw

Draw Philadelphiaball is not very easy:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three vertical stripes, blue, yellow and blue
  2. Draw the coat of arms of Philadelphia in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


  • USA-icon USAball - friends since the Revolutionary War started
  • Pennsylvania-icon Pennsylvaniaball - friends since the Revolutionary War started
  • Pittsburgh-icon Pittsburghball - Friend and sports rival
  • NewJersey-icon New Jerseyball- South Jersey likes all of the stuff I like (but North Jersey can go and suck it!)


  • Rural Pennsylvania-icon Pennsylvaniaball - Friends since the Revolutionary War started. However, our relationship is in jeopardy, but they can't kick us out, because dad won't let them.