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Peru-icon Peruvian proverb

Peruball is the countryball that represents the nation of Peru, whose capital is Lima-icon Lima. Its closest neighbors are Brazil-icon Brazil, Colombia-icon Colombia, Ecuador-icon Ecuador, Chile-icon Chile and Bolivia-icon Bolivia. He is located in western South America,

Peruball is a country which in the past was glorious, but as time passed its brightness became lost. Almost always trying to help others, often it fails or ends up being betrayed. Its ultimate enemy is Chileball due to a historical event which took place long time ago.

Peru is one of the most religious countries in the world and is also a kebab remover and one of the few countryballs to have two flags. It also has a very big history and is famous for its food. It is third for silver and copper production, and sixth for gold. However, most of the money goes to the government, and very little goes to the poor.


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A short history of Peru

Many years ago, Inca-icon Inca Empireball was the largest and one of the most powerful empire in the Americas. But when the conquistadors of Spanish-Empire-icon Spainball came, they used their more advanced technology to defeat Inca-icon Inca Empireball and adopted Viceroyalty of Peruball from the remnants. With the passage of years, Peruball began to fight for its independence, in which failed in the attempt. However when Argentina-icon Argentinaball broke free of the control of Spanish-Empire-icon Spainball, liberated Chile-icon Chileball, and then Peruball so declaring independence. Since that day, Peru have been a independent countryball, but along with Bolivia-icon Boliviaball they did not realize that they had ruined because of problems like the fateful Pacific War against Chile-icon Chileball. But Bolivia-icon Boliviaball received its deserved losing of the sea. After all those many things happened, terrorism, coups, internal and external wars, corrupt governors, along with a 27,375% inflation (1980-85) and much more, up to today.

Fun Facts

  • He hates vegans because they overexert his quinoa production capabilities.
  • One of the few countryballs to have two flags.
  • It is third for silver and copper production, and sixth for gold.
  • Identifies with Bolivia on vegan-hating.


As it was said before, Peruball is a countryball that have been almost always betrayed in many conflicts, it have been tried to be invaded by its neighbourhood, he thinks it is because has he is one of the richest countries in resources in the world. That has caused some distrust in him, but stills being a hospitable, kind and happy countryball. It gets annoyed when people call him Canada and when Chile is around (but they basically still have a feeling of brotherhood among them).

Famous Peruvians




How to draw

Because most people consider Peruball's seal very hard and a time waster to draw, the seal is usually left out when drawing Peruball.



  • Russia-icon Russiaball - We are into good Relationships! they once gave us many stronk weapons to give friendship to Chile-icon Chileball but our president Velasco died early, we now into good traits!
  • Spain-icon Spainball - My mom.
  • UK-icon UKball - UKball schools helps our schools! We teach them to be more eco-friendly as well.
  • Colombia-icon Colombiaball - They are of good friends too! Lot of history between us, especially now since we have good president friendship, they are very close to us on culture and people, we usually are on pair when playin football, but they win more often. They gib a lot of buen cafe too!
  • Brazil-icon Brazilball - Brazil is of good friend even though they always destroy on football, we can fight Brazil on volleyball! but nadie(we) cares about that, also they huehuehue on our Doto but is of nothin serious. We gave them some clay a long time ago, but we not angry anymore.
  • Argentina-icon Argentinaball - They show a strong friendship. Argentina sold weaponry to Ecuador-icon Ecuadorball in its war against Peru although Peru had supported Argentina in Falklands War. After this, Argentina feels repented about making these decisions and feels indebted with Peru.
  • China-icon Chinaball - They are closely influenced in cultural issues. Most commonly known about they gastronomic share of Chifa food, which means rice eating and is the result of mixing both culinary cultures. It is believed that primitive cultures in Peru were highly influenced by the first expeditions to America made by the chinese people or even being themselves their antecesors due to similar words in their language or the similarity presented in their traditional clothing. They also give us nice spices and sauce, to make more food!
  • USA-icon USAball - They are of good friends. The only problem is...THEY KEEP OF STEALING ME LLAMAS! WHY DID YOU AIR YOUR POPEYE CARTOONS ON ONE OF MY TV CHANNELS IN 2009?
  • Poland-icon Polandball - My president is from his ancestry.
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - He is Peru's island brother. He is also the Estados Unidos' beloved son. Despite the fact that they are relatively distant and the two never talk that much, Peru cared for Philippine's lost Hispanic heritage. In fact, in 2008, they both talked about how Peru wanted to re-introduce the Spanish language back in the Philippines and how it would improve their trade with Hispanic countries, but sadly it was later debunked in 2009 thus leaving him upset.
  • Japan-icon Japanball - They are actually nice people and contributed to expand our culture adding in our gastronomy the use of Ajinomoto. But in the 90s, a Peruvian-Japanese president named Alberto Fujimori came to the power and without any need (he did it for its political philosophy) started selling the most important national companies and indebting the country to other nations and even at cost of our enviroment. This, with the Pacific War, has marked the future of Peru and sometimes "japos" (a despective way of calling a japanese in Peru) are not very well received.


  • Bolivia-icon Boliviaball - He was once a really close friend & brother, we once fused to become a superpower called Peru-Bolivian Confederationball but after some problems, we got seperated, then we did some treaties in order to halp us to fight future problems, but when they called us to fight Chileball, who had serious problems with them, and we were into helping, they of betrayed us and left us alone, making us lose clay and good resources. They cannot into sea now, so we no mind. JAJAJAJA
  • Chile-icon Chileball - My coast-addicted brother. Stole land from me and landlocked Bolivia, even placed landmines to prevent me from ever coming back! Relations are improving though, as we're beginning to open up to each other and trade.
  • New Zealand-icon New Zealandball - He can Into Asia Pacific Cooperation Union Like Me! But, JAJAJAJAJAJA! NEVER FORGET 2017! FINNALY AFTER 37 YEARS! I WILL BE IN A WORLD CUP!




Regional departments

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Peruball's regional departments

  1. File:Amazonas (Peru)-icon.png Amazonasball
  2. Ancashball
  3. Apurímacball
  4. Arequipaball
  5. Ayacuchoball
  6. Cajamarcaball
  7. Callaoball
  8. Cuzcoball
  9. Huancavelicaball
  10. Huánucoball
  11. Icaball
  12. Junínball
  13. La Libertadball
  14. Lambayequeball
  15. Limaball
  16. Loretoball
  17. Madre de Diosball
  18. Moqueguaball
  19. Pascoball
  20. Piuraball - Good place for Malagasy
  21. Punoball
  22. San Martínball
  23. Tacnaball
  24. Tumbesball
  25. Ucayaliball


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