People's Republic of Polandball (aka Communist Polandball) was a socialist nation that existed from 1944 to 1989. His predecessor was Second Polish Republicball and his successor is Poland-icon Polandball (of course as puppet to EU). Soviet-icon Soviet puppet (thanks for AK-47 <3), ass-whipper GIVE ME MY KRESY BACK KURWA!!!, stupid and arrogant idiot, no one except Soviet-icon Sovietball and China-icon Chinaball liked him. Then Jews kicked him out and made modern Poland-icon Polandball (Still, not real Commonwealth or just a Great Poland!!!). Also, we can into invading western Europe (Thanks baguette!). One time he was asshole to Czech-icon Checkzechoslovakiaball, because he has invaded him in 1968 together with East Germany-icon DDR and Soviets. In 1980 Solidarność made some protests against him, so in 1981 he declared Martial law to stop him, but it hasn't worked. In 1989 he became capitalist and the first nation to break out of Sovietball's rule, and after him Hungary-icon Hungaryball had democratic election, Romania-icon Romaniaball has killed his dictator, Czech-icon Czechoslovakiaball also had election, East Germany-icon East Germanyball teared down this wall, and Soviets has collapsed.

He is of course, a slave of communism, and tries to escape by doing protest as he feels brutally insulted by this ideology. In that case, he thanked Palestine-icon Palestineball for giving his people through his cause against the Zionist entity.