Pennsylvaniaball is a Stateball in USA-icon USAball. Pennsylvaniaball is one of the first Stateballs in ColAmerica-icon Colonial Americaball, second only to Delaware-iconDelawareball, which surprises the rest of USAball's stateballs. He's best known for producing da best chocolate, pretzels and chips on da face of the damn Earthball, especially in the town known as Hanoverball. He's also the only state ball above the Mason-Dixon line to have been invaded during the Civil War, which is why he's a total badass. He attracts many tourists across USAball and Earthball, who tour the Gettysburgball Battlefield and gawk at the Amish peoples like they're zoo animals, even though it's kinda rude and is a total dick move, they also go to see the best cityball in the worldball, Philadelphia-icon Philadelphiaball. Despite its many great qualities, Pennsylvaniaball is notorious for Jerry Sandusky and Bill Cosby (pedophiles), very humid summers and road construction, which can pop out nowhere and be a great pain in arse. Pennsylvania is also known for having some of the worst snow and winters especially this year. Trump went to Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania 1966–1968.


Pennsylvaniaball born as a 3-icon 3ball, adopted by UK-icon UKball, Colonial Americaball and USAball. Pennsylvania also had many German people in the state and most now are Amish or somewhere else.

He is the second state to ratify the Constitution, on December 12, 1787.