Panamaball is a countryball in Central America. Panama is a small country, or a street between North and South America. He belongs once to Gran Colombiaball and is famous for his coffee. USAball cut him in half, charging other countryballs to pass through him.

Panamaball went several personality disorder during the 1960s and 1980s. USAball gave him freedom in 1989 where he became a democratic nation. USAball reliquished control of the Panama Canal in 1999, as the new millineum arrived.

But eventually UNball made everyone give up their colonies and now he collects the rent for himself and sells USAball coffee as Hawaiiball is the only stateball that can grow his own coffee so it's all cool now. In 2016 secret documents were released and caused a scandalous crisis to different countries which is known as the Panama Papers

Gallery Edit

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