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Palestine-icon Palestineball is a disputed area in the Middle East that wants to be independent from Israel-icon Israelcube. He is made up of West Bankball and Gaza Stripball.

Palestine is named after the Philistine people, a group of people who used to inhabit Gaza Stripball and Tel Avivcube which where NOT Arabballs. They were mostly traders and are well known for what they inhabited.

The name was used to refer to the area of by SPQRball, and the name was later adopted by Mamlukball and Ottoman Empireball. The term was most recently used by UKball when he referenced the name of a Jewish state in the Balfour Declaration.

History Edit

In World War I, Ottoman-icon Ottomanball lost his territory to UK-iconUKball and France-iconFranceball. UK-iconUKball made two mandates of British Palestine-icon British Palestinecube and British Mesopotamiaball; British Mesopotamiaball to become Iraqball and Kuwaitball and British Palestine-iconBritish Palestinecube to become the Jewish side (Israel-iconIsraelcube) and the Arab side (Jordan-iconJordanball)

Many Jewcubes came from 1900 to 1948 to the British clay because they wanted to be in the holyland, but the arabs of British Palestine-iconBritish Palestinecube did not like the Jews being in their clay, and Palestine-icon worked with Naziball in an operation called Operation ATLAS against Tel Avivcube.

After WWII, a lot of people understood the mistakes they have done by forbidding the Jew to come back to their homeland. And the UN-icon UN made the mistake to do the partition plan, which would legalized officially the Arabs who came to the part of Palestine that was supposed to be Jewish, instead of asking those immigrants to go back from where they came of to go to Jordan-iconJordan.

The Arabs rejected the partition plan because they were driven by the pan-Arab ideology, which had for a goal to establish an Arab nation from Morocco-icon Morocco to Iraq-icon Iraq.

After World War II, the Israel-iconJewcubes returned to the holy clay in great numbers, and didn't like this, so he and Jews fought in intercommunal violence until 1948, when the British agreed to give him a state (despite the Arabs getting Jordan already). The Jews accepted the partition because when 90% of your people was killed you accept anything to be able to live and not die.

The same day, 5 countries attacked Israel-icon Israelcube when he was only one day old, and a lot of Hezbollah-iconISIS-iconGaza-icon Jihadist groups joined the Arab armies. The aim of the war was to annihilate Jewish presence on a territory that was supposed to be Arab in the pan-Arab Ideology.

lost a bunch of the territory he was supposed to get, and was reduced to only controlling West Bankball and Gaza-icon Gazaball. All the Arabs in West Bankball were given Jordan-icon Jordanian citizenship, and the ones in Gaza-icon Gazaball were given Egypt-icon Egyptian citizenship.

In the 70s, fled to Jordan-iconJordanball's clay. thanked Jordan for letting him stay by starting a war called Black September in Jordan, he lost and was expelled to Lebanon-icon Lebanonball. Once in Lebanon-iconLebanonball's clay, began firing rockets on Israelcube's northern cities and attacked Damourball for being infidel.

In 2000 and 2008, Israel-icon Israelcube offered Palestine-icon to be a state, but he rejected the offers because he did not get all the clay in the West Bank (even though he would get an equivalent amount from the surrounding Israel-icon Jewclay).


Most countries in Africa (except for Eritreaball and Cameroonball) recognize him, as do most in Asia (except Japanball, South Koreaball, Taiwainball, Armeniaball and Myanmarball). All of South America except for Colombiaball recognize him, as does some of North America (not USAball, Canadaball, Mexicoball, Panamaball, Bahamasball or Jamaicaball). Europe is very divided but most of Oceania doesn't recognize him (except for Papua New Guineaball and Vanuatuball).

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Jordan-icon Jordanball - My best friend since he remove kosher and burger.
  • Syria-icon Syriaball - Thanks for hating Israelcube.
  • Iran-icon Iranball - Wants to kill Israelcube.
  • India-icon Indiaball - Gibs lots of aid even though he is not really kebeb. But also a friend of Israel.

Enemies Edit

  • Israel-icon Israelcube - TRUCK ATTACK YUO DESERVED IT YUO DESERVED IT YOU OCCUPIER STOP BOMBING ME AND KILLING MY PEOPLE! I do not know why I hate you and it's quite reached those killed because he tried to kill you but it does not change my mind because I'm bored. Why must you be so mean to me? We mean you of no harm. All we want is our holy land, we can coexist. Why are you of so jerk?
  • USA-icon USAball - Why you support Israelcube. STOP SUPPORTING ISRAELCUBE!!!!! Though you are of sort of starting to recognize me a bit.. Maybe some day we could be of friends?
  • And anyone who does not recogniseQ me.


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