People's Republic of Bulgariaball (a.k.a. Socialist Bulgariaball,Communist Bulgariaball, or PR Bulgariaball) was a Soviet-icon Soviet sattelite during the Cold War. The People's Republic of Bulgaria was so loyal to the Soviets, that it can also be considered/drawn as a Soviet Republic, otherwise known as the Bulgarian SSRball.(a.k.a Bulgarian SFSR, BSSR, Soviet Bulgaria.) he was most of his time to busy Genociding or atleast assimilating the Turks in Bulgaria


Bulgariaball, born as a 2-icon 2ball, adopted by Dacia-icon Daciaball, SPQR-icon SPQRball, Second Bulgarian Empire-icon Second Bulgarian Empireball, Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball, Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball and Sovietball.


In 1944, Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball occupied the Kingdom of Bulgariaball. Soon after, USSRball attacked Bulgariaball and annexed it. After that, Bulgariaball decided to declare war on Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball and ReichTime Reichtangle when Bulgaria changed sides and joined Allies by the end of 1944. In 1945, Naziball took Macedonia-icon Macedoniaball to become more powerful, but Bulgariaball took Serbia-icon Northern Serbia-icon Serbiaball, Kosovo-icon Kosovoball, and Macedoniaball and some parts of Greece-icon Greeceball,that is same before Nazi took his left Greek clay. Bulgariaball defeted alone with Allies and USSRball took all his clay once again. Kosovoball, Macedoniaball and Northen Serbiaball lost to Yugoslaviaball and Greek clay is lost to Greeceball. Bulgariaball keeps Southen Dobrija as Soviet-occupied Bulgariaball and starts rules Communism. In 1946, Bulgariaball becomes PR Bulgariaball until the fall of USSRball in 1991.