解放军是巨大的和强大的! (PLA is strong!)
— PLAball/PRCball

PLAball is an armed forces of People's Republic of Chinaball. It is the 3rd stronkest military of the entire world. Before the Communists, there were soldiers known as the Nationalists. They were weak due to the invasion of the Japanese. After World War 2, the Nationalists fought with the Communists but the Red Army won. During the 1950's, they were known as the People's Liberation Army by their greatest hero. That is why Zhōngguó is of HUUUGE AND STRONK!!!

Service Branches

  • People's Liberation Army Ground Force
  • People's Liberation Army Navy
  • People's Liberation Army Air Force
  • Second Artillery Corps
  • People's Liberation Army Taiwan Liberation Task Force






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