For the non-canon version as ball, see Omskball (city)

Omskbird is a city of Russia-icon Russiaball. It's pretty known for the high drug trafficking, especially of krokodil. Its bird-resembling shape is taken from another meme. In Polandball comics, it represents the most evil part of Russia-icon Russiaball and Humanity in general. The Omskbird is only rivaled by ReichTime Reichtangle in terms of evilness. He is also challenging Novosibirsk Oblast-icon Novosibirskball for power of Siberia-icon Siberiaball, making the two worst enemies. Omskbird is responsible for the selling of Krokodil in both Russia and World Wide. Most Omskbird Krokodil shipments are being stopped by USAball and Australiaball but some still leak in through Europe, Asia and even South America.

It can be drawn as a bird head or as an anthropomorphous bird, of red colour and hidden face.

Particulary, the Omskbird loves the B-move They Found Hell since his place was featured in the ending.






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