Summary Edit


Olteniaball is a historical province and geographical region of Romaniaball in western Wallachiaball.It is situated at the border with Serbiaball and Bulgariaball and Romanian regions of Transylvaniaball and Munteniaball. Enjoys consuming large quantities of leek. For a few years in the 18th century Habsburgball stole her from Wallachiaball but he gave her back pretty soon because she was too talkative.

Relationships Edit

Munteniaball and Dobrujaball are her brothers.

Romaniaball is her father .

Wallachiaball is her mother.

Friends Edit

Transylvaniaball,related,somehow,however he is into some strange stuff with Hungaryball.

Moldovaball her sister.She messed up with Sovietball in the past.

Enemies Edit

Mostly friendly and peaceful,however there's this guy...

Counties Edit

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