Oklahomaball is the 46th state of USA-icon USAball. He's your typical redneck cattle rancher. He can be also a Native American. He is characterized by a ball cap with one of the Oklahoma colleges on it (it depends on which college has the most likes on Facebook, currently OU). The sole reason why he doesn't commit suicide is that he'll miss an OU/Texas game. 


Oklahoma was mostly plains Indians, until 1834, when USA started giving him eastern tribes that were taking up space. Those tribes, mainly Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), and Seminole, gave Oklahoma government and monies, until USA started letting settlers live there in 1889. In 1907, Oklahoma became an official stateball. In 1930's his crops all died and turned to dust, and he immigrated to Californiaball's clay for help, but he came back. Since then, he has invented the electric guitar, the space suit, parking meter, and a bunch of other stuff! 




  • Texas-icon Texasball - Mah Boomers will always squash you! It's a slobber-knocker whenever our rival football teams face off. Boomer sooner! However, since Texas cannot into gambling, I get a lot of my gambling revenues from them.
  • Kansas-icon Kansasball - Only stateball more boring than me by jiminy!