I don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan (rawr rawr rawr raw rawr)
— OhioRawr

OhioRawr is a unique state of USA-icon USAball, being one of America's children.


OhioRawr was not unified for a long time. The origins of native 3-icon American tribal balls such as Shawneeball, Huronball, and Wyandotball all trace back here. The region was first unified by Iroquois Confederacy-icon Iroquois Confederacyball around the time of European colonization when England-icon Englandball and Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball pushed Iroquois CSA-icon Confederacyball out of New York in the middle of a war for trade and clay. To end this war, Iroquois Confederacy-icon Iroquois Confederacyball traveled into the region of which they named "O-hee-oh" to gain fur. With guns, Iroquois Confederacy-icon Iroquois Confederacyball pushed the natives out of Oheeoh, even though the people of the region continued to live there. The clay became part of USA-icon USAball's Northwestern Territory upon recognition of relevance after the American Revolution (known as the American War of Relevance to British people). In 1803 OhioRawr (like an "Ohioball") became a state.

Origin of unusual shape

The origin of the unusual shape dates back to the American Civil war, where OhioRawr was put in charge of cavalry and artillery. OhioRawr was not its unusual character at the time; in fact, OhioRawr was a normal stateball who could talk and like any normal state and was being acting like a drunk and was heavily opposed to slavery, making OhioRawr hated by CSA-icon CSAball. In the later years of the war, OhioRawr was nearly killed by Florida-icon Floridaball in a cavalry charge. Due to a lack of proper medical care at the time, OhioRawr was remained in bad state, having your old body covered by a near pennant. OhioRawr did not recover until the 1900s, but, since then, has its unusual shape and personality. OhioRawr has also suffered from pennant syndrome, and OhioRawr's best friend is Nepal-icon NepalRawr, the only other countryball with an unusual shape excluding Israel-icon Israelcube, Kazakhstan-icon Kazakhbrick, and Singapore-icon Tringapore.


  • USA-icon USAball - Ohio's Father who tries to make sure Ohio fits in with the rest of the lower 47 stateballs (Ohio, being a pennant) just fine.
  • Paul Brothers - You are a disgrace to Ohio. now Japan-icon Japanball wants to hate for what you done


Really Ohio And Indiana?! WOLVERINES?!


RAWR RAWR RAWR!(does it matter?)


Does It Matter Daddy?!


Yes It Does Son! You’re BOTH Grounded!
5 Minutes Later...
OhioRawr destroys USA-icon USAball's House


I Hate You!
  • Japan-icon Japanball - Ohio's good friend who often watches anime with Ohio. Ohio sure loves some anime but avoids hentai. I'm sorry about Logan Paul (although he lives in California-icon Californiaball)
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - AVENGE OTTO WARMBIER! RAAAAWWWWR!
  • Nepal-icon NepalRawr - Ohio's best friend who sympathizes for Ohio's pain and gets along perfect with Ohio. Some say that the two are even in love.
  • Tampa-icon TampaRawr - Other Brother Rawr!
  • New York-icon New Yorkball - Gets along pretty well with Ohio, but occasionally the two fight over Cuyahoga Falls, a region that helps Ohio gain monies off of tourism. Ohio states the region is part of Ohio's economy, New York, on the other hand, thinks he has ancestral claims to the area. Little does he know Pennsylvania-icon Pennsylvaniaball denies this.
  • Indiana-icon Indianaball- We support each other in the war against Wolverines!
  • Illinois-icon Illinoisball - S***. We lost.
  • Maryland-icon Marylandball - Bark bark give me more heroin
  • Pennsylvania-icon Pennsylvaniaball - Gets along pretty well with Ohio, except for times when they get into fights over Lake Erie, but that doesn't happen too often. They both have weird flags too, one is a picture of horses raping a circle, and another is shaped differently.
  • California-icon Californiaball - REMOVE WARRIORS!! LEBRON IS THE BEST!!