Norwayball is a countryball in Northern Europe. He can into NATO and EFTA, but not EU liked. His son is Svalbardball . Norwayball is one of the richest balls in the world due to it's oil. Norwayball is known as a very cold ball with many mountains and fjords plus it has many boats not forgetting. Norwayball has 3 extra letters called; Æ, Ø and Å. They also have some good alcohol.


History Edit

Norway has a rich history from the norse pagans to the second world war.

Viking times Edit

In early middle ages Norway was ruled by a viking society. The society had a three classes Jarls (land lords like in skyrim) Karls (peasants) and thralls (slaves). Each year the jarls had a meeting with the karls where they would discuss important manners and solve problems concerning laws. For example if a karl had killed another karls thrall then the the karl who lost his thrall got to pick a thrall from the other karls thralls and kill him or take him as his own thrall. But if the jarl said that the karl was not guilty the offended karl could not say against that. The vikings were also traders and raiders with the word viking meaning seafarer it is obvious that the vikings would trade much overseas with other people. The vikings had trade routes in Scotland and Russia and they also formed the Byzantine kings bodyguard (Varangian guard)


Nazi Germanyball decided to invade Norwayball because he wanted Swedenballs steel Norwayball played a small role during WW2. The most significant thing they did was that of the Rjukan tungtvann sabotation where the Norwegian resistance sabotaged it so that Hitler couldnt get the material needed for the atomic bombs.

After WW2Edit

2011 worst year of Norway's life. In that year Norway lost its immunity of modern terrorism when Lone Wolf terrorist Anders Behring Breivik attacks Norway by detonating car bomb at Oslo and opened fire at Utøya Island. He was sentenced to life in prison.



Most countries but mostly

Enemies Edit

  • Nazi-icon Nazi-This son of a b%$# invaded me!!!
  • EU-icon EUball-No!!! I will not join you so stop begging me to join!!!! I'll never get into this club of sissies !!!
  • Saudi Arabia-iconSaudi Arabiaball-REMOVE SHARIA LAW!!! YOU ARE OPPRESSIVE!!!! ALSO I HAVE BETTER OIL!!!
  • Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball - Columbus did not discover America first! You replaced the history books with his name in it and not the Jarl that truly discovered it first!

Children Edit



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