Northernn Cyprus

Northern Cyprusball, or TRNCball, is an unrecognized countryball in the north of Cyprus-icon Cyprusball. He is supported by kebabs, but only Turkey-icon Turkeyball and Nakhchivan-icon Nakhchivanball recognize him. He also hates Cyprus-icon Cyprusball.

The UN-icon UNball adopted Resolution 541 in later in 1983, declaring his independence from Cyprus-icon Cyprusball legally invalid, preventing any other countryball after Turkey-icon Turkeyball from recognizing him.

His passport can only into Australia-icon Australiaball, Pakistan-iconPakistanball, Tanzania-icon Tanzaniaball, and Turkey-icon Turkeyball, plus France-iconFranceball, USA-icon USAball, and UK-icon UKball.

Because he is of embargo:

  • He can only into rely with Turkey-icon Turkeyball
  • International communications with Turkey-icon Turkeyball only
  • His international airport (Ercan International Airport) can only into serve direct flights to Turkey-icon Turkeyball's clay
  • He cannot into participate international sports competitions or into Eurovision (while Cyprus-icon Cyprusball can)




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